Do you Obey Crochet?

I certainly do. A couple years ago I found this quirky lady doing these fantastical drawings on Flickr under the name Obey Crochet. Every couple of days I’d check in and laugh at her sarcastic, and totally on point illustrations and I loved all of them. I loved the style, the simplicity and just how crochet-centric they were. Admit it, the yarn industry leans heavily towards the knitters and and it’s really nice when we feel the crochet love.

ChickenBetty logo designed by Stephanie Toppin of Obey Crochet

After talking myself out of it for a whole week I finally just popped her an e-mail and asked if she’d be interested in designing a logo for me. Shockingly she said YES and now I have my beloved little ChickenBetty in her nest of yarn.

Simply Crochet issue #25 - with free Obey Crochet 2015 Calendar

Well now you can own a small piece of Obey Crochet, if you can get your hands on a copy of issue #25 of Simply Crochet magazine. It’s published in the UK but it is available in the states, I’ve seen it at Barnes & Noble. In issue #25 you’ll find an Obey Crochet 2015 Calendar and STICKERS! Freakin stickers!

Obey Crochet 2015 calendar available in Simply Crochet magazine issue #25Go show my friend Stephanie some love at Obey Crochet. She’s straight hookin’, yo!