Oh Good Morning, What a Beautiful Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! And a Happy Thursday to everyone else.

This year I feel particularly thankful that my life has taken the course that it has. Not only am I STILL lucky enough to work at WEBS but I’ve published my first book and released a Craftsy Class. My girls are growing into happy and really interesting young women and Patrick continues to be my everything. So I thought I’d celebrate the official start of the holiday season here in the States with a give-away.

I’ve been steadily adding new patterns to ChickenBetty’s Pattern Coop on Ravelry, to my Etsy Shop and to my Pattern Page on Craftsy but I’ve also been revamping a lot of my older patterns to clean up the pattern language, provide better images and make sure they match the format of my newer patterns. This means I’ve been making lots of new samples and I’m never going to use or wear all of them but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t! Want to win a pattern and a sample?!

Comment to win a copy of the pattern and a finished sample! - visit ChickenBetty.wordpress.com for more details

Comment on this post before 11:59 EST on Sunday Nov. 30th and tell me why you’re thankful this year. On Monday Dec. 1st I’ll draw two winners who will not only receive a copy of my Slap Chop! bracelet pattern BUT you’ll also receive one of the bracelets pictured above! International readers are TOTALLY eligible! Make sure you leave me some way to contact you in the comment. (psst – if you post as anonymous I won’t be able to contact you!)

I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for vintage James Taylor recently and his Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon album has been on constant repeat for me this week.


Hey man slow down, slow down

😉 – That’s when you see sparks

As promised, a garden update and a freebie!

Garden first, well lets call it the Micro-farm cuz that’s kinda what were trying to do here. The apple trees are bearing up well and we discovered a surprise on the new pear tree, an actual PEAR!

I am so planning on doing this in a few years

The beans are climbing all over the fence, the peas are beginning to flower and the tomatoes are really beginning to take off. Over in the main garden we are almost done with the first bed of radishes, a few more coleslaws and salads and we’ll be ready for a second planting.

We also have a bunch of little berry patches that we hope to consolidate for next year.  Black raspberries, I feel a pie coming on!

The cockerels and pullets have been separated. The male Steves are living in the new “dude-coop” and the lady Steves have moved down with the hens.

We also picked up 5 Leghorn chicks, from Mr. Lipman’s 2nd grade again, whicj brings us to a grand total of 35 chickens. I know, but really, we’re pretty sure that 2 of the leghorns are male so that means that by the end of the summer we’ll be down to 21 hens. Holy shit, did I just say 21 hens?

Who needs eggs? You do, right? Right!

And how do we corral all these chickens? a Liberal use of chicken wire and other fencing which brings me to the freebie!

My hair is kind of a crazy thing to begin with and the summer humidity does terrible things to it. I often wear my hair in a ponytail but sometimes I just want it out of my face. So what’s a girl to do?

Chicken Wire!












This is a simple mesh kerchief that ties at the back neck to help corral your frizzy summer locks (it also doubles as a great neckerchief!)

Grab the PDF of Chicken Wire here or over on <a href="download now“>Ravelry


Soap suds in his eye

😉 – Never gonna match up with that smile

This spring I’ve been doing a lot of work that I couldn’t really show you or talk about, but bit-by-bit it is all settling into place.

One of my biggest projects actually began last fall.

Karen, the store manager at WEBS showed me a picture of a hexagon blanket that she thought would look beautiful worked up in the new hand-dyed version of Northfield that Gail had put together. I agreed, the idea was passed by Kathy and the Design coordinator Kirsten and I got to work picking colors.

I ended up using 7 solid color, 4 hand-dyed colors and charcoal to tie it all together. The actual hexagon construction went through about 4 incarnations before I found one that I really liked.

By Easter it was all put together but the pattern took quite a bit more time. How things work in my head doesn’t always translate easily into English, let alone Crochet! But with the help of my intrepid test crocheter, Annie, and some fantastic input from Kirsten it made its way onto paper and into a PDF and now you can have one too.

Get your copy of the Amethyst Brook Hexagon Blanket pattern here. And send me pictures, ask me questions, I’d love to see how this works up in everyone else’s hands! And keep your eye out for the Summer Valley Yarns catalogue – I hear this one made the cover 😉

Oops – here’s the Ravelry link


You can never quite tell

😉 -And it’s going to be a day

I thought I would celebrate 4 years of blogging with a good old-fashioned give-away!

I’ll be giving away one set of goodies for each year I’ve blogged.  That’s right my chickadees! This means four of you will be the lucky recipients of the following:

a copy of my latest crochet pattern, the  Percival Mittens

and a half-pint of pure Massachusetts maple syrup from our sugar house Occasional Creek Maple

(Please note that your syrup will not come in the container above – its just to show off the pretty – your syrup will arrive in a standard maple jug. Also, the picture above is a full pint, 16oz, your prize is a half pint, only 8oz but just as delicious!)

One super lucky winner will get these two goodies AND the actual Percival mittens pictured above, the green pair on top, and just maybe, a few extra goodies.

So, how do you enter? Just leave me a comment between now and 11:59pm (EST) Wednesday, March 10, 2010. I’ll announce the winners on Friday 3/12. Have a great weekend!


She’s mad and she’ll take her mattress with her…

Quick post.
Odessa hat 2 done for Saeb, mittens and scarf in the works. I have yarn and beads for Aurelia’s set but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it ;}
Ornaments are half done for the swap. I’ll be announcing the give-away contest next week so keep an eye out. I have 3 extras plus additional goodies.