Hey man slow down, slow down

ūüėČ –¬†That’s when you see sparks

As promised, a garden update and a freebie!

Garden first, well lets call it the Micro-farm cuz that’s kinda what were trying to do here. The apple trees are bearing up well and we discovered a surprise on the new pear tree, an actual PEAR!

I am so planning on doing this in a few years

The beans are climbing all over the fence, the¬†peas¬†are beginning to flower and the tomatoes are really beginning to take off. Over in the main garden we are almost done with the first bed of radishes, a few more coleslaws and salads and we’ll be ready for a second planting.

We also have a bunch of little berry patches that we hope to consolidate for next year.  Black raspberries, I feel a pie coming on!

The cockerels and pullets have been separated. The male Steves are living in the new “dude-coop” and the lady Steves have moved down with the hens.

We also picked up 5 Leghorn chicks, from Mr. Lipman’s 2nd grade again, whicj brings us to a grand total of 35 chickens. I know, but really, we’re pretty sure that 2 of the leghorns are male so that means that by the end of the summer we’ll be down to 21 hens. Holy shit, did I just say 21 hens?

Who needs eggs? You do, right? Right!

And how do we corral all these chickens? a Liberal use of chicken wire and other fencing which brings me to the freebie!

My hair is kind of a crazy thing to begin with and the summer humidity does terrible things to it. I often wear my hair in a ponytail but sometimes I just want it out of my face. So what’s a girl to do?

Chicken Wire!












This is a simple mesh kerchief that ties at the back neck to help corral your frizzy summer locks (it also doubles as a great neckerchief!)

Grab the PDF of¬†Chicken Wire¬†here or over on <a href="download now“>Ravelry



Like strung-out old stars

ūüėČ – We know how it felt

Last October I was able to work at my first Stitches show for Webs, it was¬†Stitches¬†East in Hartford, CT and though it was an incredibly busy 2 days ( we won’t talk about the 10:30 fire alarm induced evacuation of my hotel, in the rain, ¬†and the climb back up 24 flights of stairs) I had a wonderful time and I made some important¬†contacts in the few quick jaunts that I had around the market. ¬†The top of the list was meeting Bobbie Matela from Coats & Clark, I have to thank Kristin Nicholas for the intro!!!

Bobbie and I talked for a bit, ¬†swapped contact info and I went back to work. I dropped her an e-mail that week, she replied that she had looked at some of my stuff online and might contact me in the future. Well, she did and I can finally start showing you what I’ve been doing!

My first pattern with C&C – Texting Gloves – and its free!

See that fancy professional photograph! Those are my gloves!!!! Look:

my hand, my keyboard, my design!

Here’s my original project, and the pattern link on Ravelry. Not that you’ll need these right now in the northern hemisphere but those of you on the southern half of the planet, headed into fall/winter should take advantage ūüôā

I jumped right out of my chair when I saw them listed on Ravelry last night – and scared the crap out of Patrick when I did. So go forth, crochet fingertipless gloves for your cold weather texting convenience. Yay!