I’m fancy free darlin’

😉 – So who shall I start with

New Summer patterns are up at Webs!

Math for Kathy, Hill Log Cabin blanket, Bartholomew’s Cobble vest and my favorite, The October Mountain cardigan.

This sweater went through SO many changes from idea to garment but I am thrilled with how she came out.

Rav links are all here.

I’m also really happy to finally show you my current favorite sweater. Kirsten was designing this as I was getting my feet wet with spinning. I decided to spin my own yarn so I could make one. I spun up 8 oz of Kangaroo Dyer Merino and 8oz of Louet Merino and Silk and plied them together.  I love the color!

I knit and knit until all that was left was scraps of yarn for seaming and sewing on the buttons.

I am over the moon for this sweater and I wear it all the time, I’m wearing it now.

I’m hip deep in Fall design work now but I reward myself with mini spinning breaks. The bag of sample nubbins that I got at the 2011 MSWF from Into the Whirled is filling this need perfectly.

Alright, I’ve got a pattern to get typed up and a class to finish packing up supplies for. Next time I’ll have a garden update and a free pattern for you 🙂



All the way home I’ll be warm

😉 Let it snow…

Please – snow would be nice.

My mother says I have to post something new because she is tired of looking at chicken lungs, which reminds me – I haven’t blogged in 4 months! WTH?

No deep bloggy updating today though, just a pic of my favorite part of our holiday so far. My youngest daughter spinning. Santa brought both of them a pound(!) of fiber and a Schacht drop spindle.

She says she’ll make enough for me to crochet or knit something for her. I won’t hold my breath 🙂

Breathe deep and enjoy the season my little chickadees! See you in the new year.


Then light me a smoke so I can sing some jazz

😉 – but I guess I need another plan

Its Thursday, which just happens to be my favorite day of the week, has been for years and No, I don’t have a particular reason.

I’m working on a sweater that I’m lovin’. A couple more inches and I’m off to sleevesville.


I’m playing around with beads. Are beads a spring thing? Are you working with some?


I brought this home on Tuesday after successfully hiding it for weeks so no one else would get it! It is a cone of almost 2000 yards of Inca Alpaca and I call it the alpaca baby, I cradle it and dream about its future.


Oh and its syrup season around here. Though we are only producing for ourselves this year – next year we’ll be open to the public. Here’s the rest of my family on a sap run.


I’m kinda glad I don’t have to slog through the mud this year to boil everyday. Speaking of mud, check out what Kristin is living with.

I love New England.


From a great height

😉 – You don’t remember

I got soap today and crazy ideas – neither of which is s new thing for me. I wish you could smell this!

Did you know that men rank Cinnamon as one of their top turn-on scents? Go get you some cinnamon soap ladies. Seriously, if you go to Simpler Thyme and mention this post ( you ‘ll have to past a link to it) they’ll send you free soap. These people are awesome. So many, wholesome, handmade, soaps. They sent us a bonus Smorgasbar in Wildflower. yum yum yum.

Crazy ideas – jewelry is clacking around in my brain – I’ll have a tutorial of sorts up soon here and…elsewhere. I also dyed yarn today for a Dr. Horrible related item. The colors are uber pale – not what I wanted, I blame the yarn cuz that sucker was LOADED with dye. S’alright, I’ll still be able to work out the pattern. More soon.


Don’t, no don’t sink the boat..

😉 – that’s all you can do

Somebody stop me please. Now that classes at Umass are over for me and the current class in my Crochet 1 class has “graduated” I find myself in a place where I have tons of time and a mind that just WON’T stop coming up with ideas for new projects. Projects that I must immediately find the materials for and begin!! NOW!

Man, I have 12 projects in hibernation and 7 more that I’m actively working on and yet I spent 1/2 an hour today playing around with a crochet pattern for Queen Anne’s lace and wondering what I could turn it into, what yarn I would use, if there would be beads involved….

I also decided that I needed to reorganize and store my in-house crafty stash, I really need to get to the fabric that I have in boxes out in the mouse factory (garage) but I’ll need more storage before I can do that and it’s a big job. I’ll have to tackle it later. For now I have 2 new, 5 drawer containers that I am slowly moving all my yarn, felt, floss, and indoor sewing supplies into. Problem is I keep finding yarns I forgot about – projects I forgot about and various patterns and supplies. I started 2 hours ago and I’m only 1/2 way done. The hubby is giving me the look – pile ‘o crap in the living room and here I sit at the computer. mmm hmmm.

I’ll leave it at that for now, get back to organizing and photographing and then i need to go do some dishes and make some dinner – tacos (with fresh guacamole for me)


Le Sacre du printemps


Well, Spring is about rebirth, right?


I think I’ll start over. The past week, and yesterday in particular sucked pretty hard. I’m going to turn my face to the sun and try to grow a bit, though I think not so much as my exploding african violet here.


I took some time for myself last night. This is one of the things I did, hand-dyed yarn. Yum. More details and your last clue on my project progress next week.


Have a wonderful Easter – all you that celebrate, and a beautiful Sunday if you don’t.


While visions of sugar plums…

My friend Kristin has just released another great book, going back to knitting with the fabulous Kristin Knits. This woman has a serious gift for color – all uses of color. I look at her yarn combinations, the pairings she finds in nature and I know that I would never recognize the beauty of those blendings but I sure want to knit them!
She also has a great contest. You could win a similar assortment to the yarns pictured here (this is a pic I lifted from her blog so you can see some of the gorgeous colors available in her Julia line) So go, drop her your name, grab a copy of her book, hang out and read about life on her beautiful farm. You’ll have a good time, I promise, and you might win some awesome yarn!!


Barreling down the boulevard…


We’re pretty low key when it comes to gift giving around the holidays. Even if we did have the kind of cash flow that would allow us to buy big expensive gifts I don’t think we would. We try to be thoughtful in our gifting, so there’s a lot of handmade gifts and of course, pictures of the girls.
I don’t have a very long list of gifts to make and I’m quite confident that I can get them all done since our gifting meet-ups are fairly well spaced out over the last week of December.
I have some hats and scarves, mittens, socks, nightgowns, and jewelry to whip up. In a mere 2 hours this afternoon I was able to get this much done and I’m pleased with my progress. More gifty pics as they land on my needles in the coming weeks.
Happy Chanukah!



Bingo Anyone?


That’s me and I’ll be wearing this, and my favorite new orange bag


The following ladies need be prepared for a looming sticker to be

placed upon their names!

AnnieMichelleMary Louise & MollyJulianneClairePamMarieNorma,

AmyKathy,  Monica, AmyMelRuthSharonKimberlyElisaJessJeri,

AnnieKatyJeshGlenna,  Jen, and Susanne.

See you all in Rhinebeck!!


You’re In the Army Now

Ooo ooo ooo,
luna-hogsmeade-raw.JPG luna-hogsmeade-pinned.JPG 
Tomorrow is the book launch for Kim Werker’s new book, Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution at 2. I’ll be working but it should be a blast. I love seeing enthusiastic crocheters – sometimes I get a little knit overloaded (like it’s the only craft in the world that you would need yarn for)
That and the crochet class that I have been teaching have really got me hooking again. I have a great group of really enthusiastic ladies of all skill levels who seem to be having a great time. This is the second Crochet 1 class that I have taught at Webs and each time I have been just tickled by the percentage of my students that learned how to crochet as children but don’t think they know how to anymore – they sure do pick it back up real quick 🙂
Anyway I was inspired to do up a quick little project to wear tomorrow, A Luna Lovegood scarf. I took some initial sketches in the theatre while watching Order of the Phoenix and then I scoured the internet for pics of the scenes from Hogsmeade. By the time I got around to actually making the scarf someone else had sussed out a pattern. I added a few little tweaks of my own and used the yarn that first came to mind in the theatre and I’m thrilled with the finished project. Once it finishes blocking tonight I’ll add the fringe.
luna-hogsmeade-upclose.JPG luna-hogsmeade-chain-up-close.JPG