With your fingers you can touch me

😉 – I’m for spare parts, broken up 

(btw, the lyrics for this one are nsfw! or small children. Have I mentioned that I adore Thom Yorke?)

One last class sample is done for the summer run at WEBS


Wanna make one? Sign up for the class 🙂




You grow up and learn that kinda thing aint right

😉 – But while you were doin it-it sure felt outta sight

I have had SO MANY post in mind for you in the past 2 months and as the days go by and I move further from the initial idea of the post I find myself losing interest in it. Silly me. I also have had plenty of projects that I couldn’t post about because the recipients stop by here occasionally or because they are out for publication. What does that leave me with? Humdrum daily life, thats what,  and as exciting or interesting as that may be to me in the moment it doesn’t always translate so well for the blog. So I’ve decided to give you a bit of a pic heavy post with minimal details of recent completed projects and I’ll save the funny one for last, trust me.

Also, my blogiversary slipped by on March 1 and I know I talked about a contest but I just haven’t had the energy or attention for it. This summer we’ll do something fun. I have a collaboration project in the works and I’ll pull a little something from there for you. 

On to the pics!





This was a hat idea I cooked up last summer and as I made it in January a mitten idea snuck in. I’ll have more details soon, like when the pattern becomes available through WEBS!





I whipped up a granny scarf for myself, which has become a class for this summer, and I made this awesome silk cowl for my MiL. With some tweaking and a slight fiber change, this will also become a pattern for WEBS. She loves it 🙂





My sister’s baby shower was Valentine’s weekend and I was working furiously to get everything done that I wanted to for her. This is The Wool Eater blanket by the lovely Sarah London – its a free patern! I worked it up in the colors of my new neice’s room, but my sister decided that at 3×3 it was the perfect out-and-about blanket. And lest you think I am the only crafty one… that little felt birdie was my sister’s gift to everyone that came to the shower. The night before we (me, sis, and her long-time friend Marissa) stitched up the ones she hadn’t finished yet and tied them onto little bags of color coordinated peanut m&ms, her pregnancy candy craving. 





I was asked by my sister to make a chicken mobile and it took me a long time to figure it out. She and I have always had, what most girl children of the 80’s have, an affection for rainbows. Once I had that in mind I worked up the chickens and as I worked on them one day someone commented that I would damage my poor soon-to-be niece by making her look at chicken asses for the first years of her life. That’s when I decided to add the little shapes to their butts, this way its education chicken ass that she’s seeing.  This past fall I had found 2 great pillow cases and I just waited till I found the right pattern. Nothing is cuter than babies in kimonos, and yes, that is my homemade bias tape.





I’ve been working on a block of the month crochet blanket, for another class and those colorful grannies are the fill-in squares, 12 blocks does not a blanket make. I also started the winter ’09 round of my Crochet 1 class and I spent an afternoon working up little practice patches for the students. Starting each student group with these has become the key to my success with that class. And somewhere in there I got sick and needed good food that was just for me. Homemade carrot soup and pumpernickel bread anyone? Oh it was so yummy.





I’ve been working up some miniature crochet motifs for a jewelry class this summer. Yeah, that is a dime. Even I can’t beleive I made these. 

The Hubby is out on a man-date tonight, watching the Watchmen with some friends, I saw it last night. 

um…. if you get this film and the GN, then I need not say anything to you because, well, you get it. If you don’t then I can’t help you. Seriously. 

Rorschach. oh boy. If ever there was a tempting, mysterious, broken man in comics/sci-fi that a comic geek-fan-girl would love to fix, for me, it would be you (the shadowy pre-teen echo that is left in me screams that I have to include Snake -Eyes here).

Ok, I’m off to finish watching seaon 4 of Spooks, thats MI:5 here in the States. Oh Adam Carter, would that I were an imaginary beatiful British spy girl and we could make beautiful British spy babies together. Woof.

Oh yeah, I promised funny, huh?


The girls had schol friends over during winter break and Re decided to teach her friend how to embroider. Re has a little mushroom pincushion and said her friend would need a pin cushion. So I let her little friend pic our felt and I sewed one up for her. It wasn’t until I looked at it in pictures after she left that I saw its particulat resemblance to, well, a penis.

bad, bad, me


Don’t look for love in faces, places

😉 – It’s in you that’s where you’ll find kindness

Another holiday half-way through. 


Its been pretty good so far. Patrick and I jumped the gun, as always and tossed our gifts at each other well before Xmas. We’ve been doing this since the year before we got married. We have never made it to the actual holiday before giving each other all we have gotten and there is usually a complete lack of wrapping as well. He got new ear buds, new shoe laces – I’ll never understand that mans ability to wear through a pair of laces in mere months – a burlap bag full of burlap bags – for cider pressing next fall – and a small hunk of cash towards his new, maybe used but new to us – possibly, maybe in the spring, evaporator. I got new wooden spoons – cuz I’ve been asking for them, the list has been on the fridge for months – and a new pizza peal. They’re Mario Batali brand – oooooo – Pat says all I need now are orange clogs….


um. done.


see that little wooden spoon? it has another even smaller spoon on its other end. 🙂

(Yo Dawg. We heard you like spoons, so we put a spoon in yor spoon so you can mix while you mix!)

I think the kids have crested the wave of crazy and they’re gliding into the shore. I think. We still have a full half of  the holiday left. Next Saturday we’ll go spend half the day with my Dad and Step-Mom and the other half with all of Patrick’s family. 

elizas-poppy-setShrinky-dink poppys for my sister.

I’ve actually enjoyed making gifts this year and I haven’t really felt rushed or harried…hmmm. Can’t quite explain that one. I was making right up until I left to go to my Mom’s on Xmas eve…hmmm.

elizas-tree-setTree pendant and earrings for the same sis.

gift horse and all.

moms-tree-detailMom’s tree pendant.

This seems to be the year of  “do-stuff” gifts. Almost everything that the girls have gotten from family, us and Santa has been something to do or make. Aurelia got a whole embroidery kit from Santa and she’s already stitching her own designs on all the plain colored clothing she can find in her drawers – this book was part of the kit – love it!! Saebra got a kit for making paper purses and a whole pad of really cool fabric-like paper to make more when her kit is empty. 

My Mom got me a bunch of frames – also on my list this year, I never have a list, this was a first! – so I can grown-up my living room a smidge with some nice art bits. pics in the months to come. My favorite so far has to be what my sister made for me.



nuts, seeds, beads, and she hand drew the design. She said she had originally planned to make these for everyone but after this one took weeks! she pared it down to just me. Lucky me!! its so awesome…

I should be able to get back to my regular crafting in the next week. I already sorta started. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and are – possibly – still having it, cuz I am!


the smell of the eighties and – EEEW! not in that way – super delicious yummies soon.


Comfort and consultation

😉 -she removes him like a ring

So as with all the women in my family – and by that I mean me and my oldest daughter – Saebra survived her rite of passage from babyhood into childhood; she got her ears pierced on her sixth birthday.

As I did with her big sister, Aurelia, I took her to my local tattoo joint to inflict the damage.

WHAT!?!?!? You took a JUST 6 year-old to a tattoo place?!?! Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Whadya do that for?

Well, 2 reasons.

One, piercing is one of their specialties. What would you rather have, someone who is trained and specializes in the placement of holes in human flesh – so that those holes heal well and are placed attractively, OR some teenager who gets paid minimun wage and will line up a gun on your child’s ear and “shoot” them with what may or may not be properly aligned adornment?

Two, studs are hard to sleep on when you’ve had your ears pierced for the last 27 years, imagine how much harder it is when the holes in your ears are new and hurt and now the thing that’s hurting in also stabbing you in the head just behind your ear. The “tattoo people” give you great little hoops – no stabby.

So she’s pierced, with blurple hoops (blurple: iridescent blue and purple) with little steel balls and she loves them. Her piercer, Becky, was a doll and thought Saeb was a model patient – the kid smiled through the whole thing, never jerked, cried out or even teared up – she was rewarded with a juice box ( by the girls at the shop, they loved her). Awesome!

Have an opinion? How would you do it? I like a good discussion.

Me, I think she’s friggin adorable.

Alright, I’m off to try and finish this

I have to teach this square on Thurday night, and I need a finshed product to show them.


New Moon on Monday

😉 – A smile that you can’t disguise

What a week. It has been “get it done!” central around here for the last 10 days or so, and I see no end in sight. Patrick has a post about our list of to do’s and we’re steadily chipping away, of course we keep adding to the damn thing as we go. – (check out my little orange visitor, he’s been hanging around outside my backdoor for almost a week, in a different place each day)

I’ve gotten piles done this week and I’ve had time to spend with friends – how did that happen? Hmm, maybe this list thing works.

I finished the twilight sock – I’ll be writing up the final pattern this week, I made a couple small projects – a washcloth and a crochet swiffer cover (no I’m not joking, Mom), I scrubbed the dining area – walls, floor, breakfast bar, I made curtains for 3 window and our closet which is now sans door for easier access and of course there are always projects for my classes. Phew, that’s a lot! I also managed to whip up a quick pair of earrings and post a tutorial for them.

Have I mentioned that? the tutorial thing? Hmm, well. A couple weeks back I got an e-mail asking me to be a contributor to Craft Tutorials and so far I’ve posted 2! I’m contemplating the next offering and I have several ideas swimming about in my head – I just have to settle on one. I’ll let you know each time I post for the next couple months but I expect you lot to bookmark or bloglines the site!! There is a bunch of great stuff over there and they could use the extra traffic! 🙂 So go already – enjoy!

Now I’m off to shop for a few things for Seab’s birthday. I’m making her a Mimzy bunny and a new backpack for her birthday and maybe a pigeon. Her party is next Saturday but i have almost 2 weeks till her birthday so I’ve a bit of time. I may also make Re a new bag, I try to do something for each of the girls on their sister’s birthdays.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Unusually hard to hold onto

😉 – ’cause you asked for it

Busy busy busy. I’m in the final edits of 3 different patterns that I hope to offer soon on Ravelry.

Yes. I know. They’re all black and you can’t see any detail. Thats OK. The detail part is on the back of the calf – Ill get to that (again).

I’m a jewelry making fool – there’s a tutorial for This over here. Make one for yourself or friends!

*Edit – Annie says I need to tell you that I wrote the tutorial 🙂

The girls and I headed out to the Springfield Science Museum with my Aunt and cousin yesterday. The girls had a great time and we managed to get out of the house on a miserable day. There were no huge fights, no one got lost and no one had a hissy fit – me included. I call that a successful day. We had a super lunch at Fitzwilly’s and headed home for a quiet evening.

We’re off to a game night extravaganza with friends tomorrow night – friends we haven’t seen since before Christmas! Yowza.

More crafting in the weeks to come.


Ask if I am mouse or man

😉 – The mirror squeaked, away I ran

I FINALLY cleaned out my fabric stash and organized it today. I separated all the colors and pulled out all the scraps that are less than 1 yd to stash elsewhere. I still have a huge pile that needs to be put away but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

also cleaned up and organized all my beading supplies. i started a few things, more on that later.

And surprise! My trumpet vine has exploded into a second bloom. I went all Joey Lawrence. Whoa!


I love it when you call me Big Poppa…


My friend Erin, AKA Sparkles, had her big family baby shower this past Saturday so I can show you what my friend April and I made for her – since she missed the surprise shower we threw for her 🙂



First is the blanket from April. She found this awesome fabric. That frog is So rockin the chronic. Somehow we went from laughing at the frog who looked like he was high and chillin to trying to figure out who he looked like and strangely landed on Jake Gyllenhall. So, Its the Jake Gyllenfrog blanket. heee heee heee



I whipped up a couple reversible bibs – she’s not finding out the sex of the baby until it arrives – and a little extra something for the expectant mamma.



I’m also working on a scarf for me, maybe, with this awesome yarn from Berroco called Seduce – I’m calling the scarf “Sensual Seduction” and now you will know why!

I love it! love it! love it! beyond ridiculousness – The KEY-TAR!!!!

I haven’t felt mush much blogging desire the last week or so, it’ll take me awhile to settle into the new schedule with school and get back to making and talking – hang in chickadees.


Closing walls and ticking clocks…


Ok, big movie night tonight. No not that one, but…


…I think I have mentioned before that I like swamps, and I lurve the bridge troll from the second Spiderwick book: The Seeing Stone, it totally reminded me of the crazy swamp witch from Legend (top 10 movie love right there. Haven’t seen the 2002 directors cut? Totally different movie, truly amazing what this movie was supposed to be. Trust me)

So, I got to thinking about trolls and swamps and water – especially with all the amazingly crappy, rainy, wet weather we have been having over the last week and all the swampy floodedness of everything around us right now and I decided it needed to be expressed in jewelry.

Behold the River Troll Ring: I lurve me right now.


I’m going to wear the ring tonight to the premiere and then put it on Etsy tomorrow, but if you’d like to make our own here’s a quick tutorial 🙂 And I do mean quick.


1. Decide on wire and beads you want to use. (I used a very fine wire from an old Klutz kit and a pile of different beads from my collection) Make sure your beads will glide easily along the wire’s  length. You may end up with some very small kinks in the wire and you don’t want your beads getting stuck. Try to stick with E-beads and larger stones, seed beads are just too small. Use a ring sizer to determine the size you want (try to find a solid surface to wrap your wire around, spoon handle, pen, marker – I have an old bead tube that worked for me). Cut a 2 yard piece of wire and beginning in the center wrap the wire 2-5 times with each piece, meeting back at the point where you started (the number of wraps determines how substantial your band will be). Use the tails to wrap the band together at the base, moving in opposite directions, then divide the band into 2 equal halves.


2. Now, starting on either side, you place the beads that run along the side of your ring one at a time. Wrap your wire tail3 times around one side of the ring, thread on your first bead and then wrap the wire 3 times on the opposite side of the ring. Repeat 2 to 3 times more depending on the size and number of beads you have chosen and repeat on the other side.


3. Work you center bead separate from the ring, new piece of wire about a yard . You may choose to use one stone or many, the important thing to have is a sturdy ring of wire all the way around the bead. Add whatever embellishments you want and bury the end of the wire inside a bead or in a wrap.


4. Attach your center piece to the ring using the tails left from wrapping your side beads. Make sure you thread the wire underneath and through the wire around the center bead and along the two sides of the band. When it feels secure bury the wire ends. Voila!


If you make one send me pics!! And feel free to ask questions. I do it a little different every time and you may find a way that works better for you. I have more pics on Flickr.



I know this much is true…

Yesterday was the boy‘s birthday. He doesn’t know how old he is. Seriously (he’s 33).

He says, ” The last time it mattered was 25.” because…”its the last time you get a break on your insurance. After that nothing interesting happens till 59 1/2 years old.”

So we had chicken pot pie and some crazy chocolate eclair dessert that I’m not sure I would ever make again, so no recipe, but he liked it just fine.


As a joint birthday gift we are going out to dinner with friends tonight so I made myself a new jewelry set. Yeah for gifts to me 🙂


I have a few ideas swimming around in my head, knitting, sewing, crochet, and I’ll try to post about them soon. Good news on the Rosehips. They were accepted!! I’ll let you know when you can buy the pattern. Yipeee!