Crochet Your First Cardigan with me on Craftsy!

I’m so excited to finally share my Craftsy class with you!

My First Crochet Cardigan with Sara Delaney on Craftsy

In seven easy lessons you can follow along and craft your first (of many) crochet cardigan. I had such an amazing time in Denver filming the class with the Craftsy crew. It’s a blur of bright lights and laughter and LOTS of crocheting.

Filming First Crochet Cardigan class for CraftsyI’d love for you to take the class and share your experience and finished sweaters with me! You can sign up for the class here and you can even buy the full class kit and have all the yarn you’ll need to make your first sweater shipped right to your door.

My First Crochet Cardigan with Sara Delaney class and full materials kit available from Craftsy

See you in class!

❤ Sara


Drawing lines above my head

😉 – But the fan keeps spinning over me

Life has been SO busy here the last few months, well its been busy for my hands. I have not been without a hook or needles in my hands in weeks, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it anytime soon – not that I’m complaining.

potholder edges

I have a series of crochet workshops at WEBS this summer, plus a year long blanket class, my summer run of Crochet 1 and a 6 week tutoring session, and all the samples needed to be done by early May, to be put on display in the store, photographed for the website, and available so potential students could see what they’d be making. Then it was time to start on the samples for Fall classes!

potholder in 2 sizes

Somewhere in there my kids finished up school, I attended 2 baby showers – with gifts that HAD to be handmade, my sister’s 30th birthday party with her handmade gift, my 13th anniversary slipped by, I participated in a hotpad/potholder swap ( I needed 5 – I made 12), weekly trips to the farmers market started, we got to meet the 2 chickens that will come home with us sometime this month, jam making, pickle making and I was asked to take over the Friday afternoon drop-ins at WEBS

decorative discs

Just to see how high I could pile it, I wrote 2 patterns. This one from last week and one more. The potholders that I did up for that swap were my own creation, based on a inspiration pic I’ve had for a couple years, and now you can make your own. The pattern is up in my Etsy shop – have at it 😉


Think about the days of me and you

😉 – Then remembering will have to do

(thanks for the music today Ma. All I need is another excuse to cry in the middle of the day)

I finished up a big project today.


Perty idn’t she. This is the sample blanket for the crochet block of the month class I’m teaching from July – June of next year at Webs. Once I really sat down to work on it things moved along pretty quickly.


There are detail shots of the squares on my flickr page.

Its pizza night and I have a basket full of laundry to fold and I still have to go pick the Hubby up from work. Have a great weekend, chickadees!


UPDATE! 11/4/12

Since so many people contact me about this blanket, I thought I’d update this post with the details.

I used Jan Eatons 200 crochet  blocks

I made 13 of the Traditional Granny blocks #18
and one each of the following squares:
#20 Colorful Bobbles
#22 St. Petersburg
#30 Shell lace
#38 Dahlia
#39 Gavin’s Stripes
#71 Star Flower
#74 Seville
#76 Granny Stripes
#95 Kingcup
#145 Chocolate Box
#161 Daisy Chain
#189 Willow

Using Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky:

2 skeins Orange, 2 skeins Red, 3 skeins Royal, 3 skeins Gold, 3 skeins Fuschia, and 5 skeins of Lime. The blocks were all joined together as I added the last round on the granny blocks.

The words are coming out all weird

😉 – waiting for something to happen

On Saturday I became an Auntie again. My sister had a beautiful little peanut of a girl, Julia Rose, early Saturday morning. No pics yet cuz I just lost my brain around her and forgot everything but holding her and looking at her.

Yeah, April, it never gets old.

So, yesterday I went into get-it-done overdrive. I mean, if I’m gonna be going to hang out with my sister and the baby as much as I want to then I need to have my weekends free and that means clearing all my deadline projects off the plate. I am 4 squares away from blocking and seaming my “Square of the Month” class  blanket, 1 motif away from the pendant and earrings class samples, my grellow scarf is the sample for the “Join as you go granny scarf” class so it just needs to be blocked again. I already turned in the mitten class sample though I’m itching to make another pair and that just leaves me with 3  motifs for the beaded necklace class. I should be able to get through all of it this week – fingers crossed. Once the classes post and enrollment opens for the general public I’ll let you know

Speaking of the blanket, its 25 squares, 13 of which are just grannies in the 6 colors


There are 12 other blocks – one for each month – and it took me quite awhile to sort through the book to find a good collection of blocks that were varied enough in style, composition and technique that they would interesting to the students and have at least one new thing to learn each month.


Then I had to decide on which colors to use for each. At first I was just goint to randomly grab a skeins of yarn but I kept grabbing the green and there’s already plenty of that color from the grannies. Then I thought I’d line them up in the order they happen in the grannies and use them that way – each square beginning with the color after the beginning color of the square before and using the sequentail colors for the other colors in the square… see how ridiculous that is. In the end I sketched them out quick  and broke out the mini crayons for color reference and there ya go. 


Alright, I have 4 squares to go, maybe I can block them during drop-in tomorrow ?


You grow up and learn that kinda thing aint right

😉 – But while you were doin it-it sure felt outta sight

I have had SO MANY post in mind for you in the past 2 months and as the days go by and I move further from the initial idea of the post I find myself losing interest in it. Silly me. I also have had plenty of projects that I couldn’t post about because the recipients stop by here occasionally or because they are out for publication. What does that leave me with? Humdrum daily life, thats what,  and as exciting or interesting as that may be to me in the moment it doesn’t always translate so well for the blog. So I’ve decided to give you a bit of a pic heavy post with minimal details of recent completed projects and I’ll save the funny one for last, trust me.

Also, my blogiversary slipped by on March 1 and I know I talked about a contest but I just haven’t had the energy or attention for it. This summer we’ll do something fun. I have a collaboration project in the works and I’ll pull a little something from there for you. 

On to the pics!





This was a hat idea I cooked up last summer and as I made it in January a mitten idea snuck in. I’ll have more details soon, like when the pattern becomes available through WEBS!





I whipped up a granny scarf for myself, which has become a class for this summer, and I made this awesome silk cowl for my MiL. With some tweaking and a slight fiber change, this will also become a pattern for WEBS. She loves it 🙂





My sister’s baby shower was Valentine’s weekend and I was working furiously to get everything done that I wanted to for her. This is The Wool Eater blanket by the lovely Sarah London – its a free patern! I worked it up in the colors of my new neice’s room, but my sister decided that at 3×3 it was the perfect out-and-about blanket. And lest you think I am the only crafty one… that little felt birdie was my sister’s gift to everyone that came to the shower. The night before we (me, sis, and her long-time friend Marissa) stitched up the ones she hadn’t finished yet and tied them onto little bags of color coordinated peanut m&ms, her pregnancy candy craving. 





I was asked by my sister to make a chicken mobile and it took me a long time to figure it out. She and I have always had, what most girl children of the 80’s have, an affection for rainbows. Once I had that in mind I worked up the chickens and as I worked on them one day someone commented that I would damage my poor soon-to-be niece by making her look at chicken asses for the first years of her life. That’s when I decided to add the little shapes to their butts, this way its education chicken ass that she’s seeing.  This past fall I had found 2 great pillow cases and I just waited till I found the right pattern. Nothing is cuter than babies in kimonos, and yes, that is my homemade bias tape.





I’ve been working on a block of the month crochet blanket, for another class and those colorful grannies are the fill-in squares, 12 blocks does not a blanket make. I also started the winter ’09 round of my Crochet 1 class and I spent an afternoon working up little practice patches for the students. Starting each student group with these has become the key to my success with that class. And somewhere in there I got sick and needed good food that was just for me. Homemade carrot soup and pumpernickel bread anyone? Oh it was so yummy.





I’ve been working up some miniature crochet motifs for a jewelry class this summer. Yeah, that is a dime. Even I can’t beleive I made these. 

The Hubby is out on a man-date tonight, watching the Watchmen with some friends, I saw it last night. 

um…. if you get this film and the GN, then I need not say anything to you because, well, you get it. If you don’t then I can’t help you. Seriously. 

Rorschach. oh boy. If ever there was a tempting, mysterious, broken man in comics/sci-fi that a comic geek-fan-girl would love to fix, for me, it would be you (the shadowy pre-teen echo that is left in me screams that I have to include Snake -Eyes here).

Ok, I’m off to finish watching seaon 4 of Spooks, thats MI:5 here in the States. Oh Adam Carter, would that I were an imaginary beatiful British spy girl and we could make beautiful British spy babies together. Woof.

Oh yeah, I promised funny, huh?


The girls had schol friends over during winter break and Re decided to teach her friend how to embroider. Re has a little mushroom pincushion and said her friend would need a pin cushion. So I let her little friend pic our felt and I sewed one up for her. It wasn’t until I looked at it in pictures after she left that I saw its particulat resemblance to, well, a penis.

bad, bad, me


From the mighty to the meager things

😉 – What’s been going on, around here

I have a wikkid cold today, head full of cotton, drippy nose, blech.

Patrick says its because I don’t have to work today. Like its some sort of karmic punishment for not earning money today, nice logic huh. I like to think of it more as a Karmic “get out of jail free” card. I figure I’m bound to get sick at some point this year, why not when I have a 3 day weekend. I’d much rather be home in bed all comfy a cozy and miserable than having to get up at 5:30 in the freezing cold and go drive a bus with 45 kids for 2 hours. 

Last week was crazy. We were down to one car while the Beetle was in the shop for bits n’ pieces. I had a class to teach and parent-teacher conferences and having to bring Patrick to work after I’d finished for the morning and then go pick him up again after the girls and I had had dinner. And last Tuesday was Veteran’s Day, the girls didn’t have school but I had work so they were on the bus with me…I felt smushed – not a drop of me time. Saturday I decided was all for me. I slept late, and didn’t bother getting dressed till, like 3 HA! Then I went down to Webs where my friend Kristin had been teaching color classes and was doing a book signing.


I’m gonna make these 🙂


Then I headed off to Malea’s housewarming party, where we all got to needle felt coasters for her, and because I brought her a bottle of wine, I got to pick out one of her wine glasses – to keep! She’s a potter and makes some great stuff.


After that I got some girly time with my buddy Annie. We stopped by a housewarming for another friend, talked a bit about chickens and played a few rounds of hungry hungry hippos with the kids before she and I went to the movies. We saw The Secret Life of Bees at the Amherst Cinema – oh tear jerker, but yummy man candy , dirty, ignorant, and angry but deliciously convincingly, southern man candy. Not all that much like the book, but an OK film. Good music though.

It was a nice release, and this week has felt much more normal and better paced. Next week I’ll be in pie mode for turkey day, I’m in charge of desserts and turnips (Dad will not allow them to be cooked in his house and my BIL loves them so they get cooked up here with the pies, though not at the same time) I’ll also be putting the final touches on my 3 designs for the Twilight inspired Knits book and submitting them, then I can dive whole hog into holiday making of things.


Oh, on Wed I craft with my buddy April and I usually make some kind of baked goody for us, this week I made apple cake. She said I should take pictures and post the recipe, so here:


Apple Cake – serves 8

Preheat oven to 325

6 Med apples – cored, peeled and sliced      1/2 C brown sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon                                         1 tbs melted butter

mix together and spead in the bottom of a 13×9 baking pan.

4 tbs melted, cooled butter                          1/2 C milk

1/2 C sugar                                                  1 C flour

1 egg                                                            1/4 tsp salt

1tsp vanilla                                                   1 tsp baking powder

Cream the butter and suger, add egg and mix till light in color and thickened. Mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl, add to sugar mix alternatly with milk/vanilla beginning and ending with the milk. Pour over the apples and bake 25- 30 mins. Enjoy!

This is whats left.


I’m gonna go have another cup of tea and climb in bed for a bit. Have a great weekend!



all of our dreams would come true

😉 – what else can a poor boy do

I feel like Quasimodo, or Sloth or John Merrick.

I’m slogging through a nasty first cold of the season. The kids both had it two weeks ago and Patrick had it last weekend. I’ve had it for 3 days and today is the worst so far. I’m achy to the point where my body feels strangey proportioned, totally congested, I can’t breathe through my nose and find myself slurping occasionally to keep myself from drooling – hence the above mentioned names.

Patrick went grocery shopping last night and I told him to bring me home a whole chicken so I could make soup today. I started it this morning and then, knowing that my FIL was on his way out here today to help Patrick with the construction of the new sugar shack, my MIL called and offered to send lots of freezer goodies including soups!! Yeah! I live on soup when I’m sick and nobody else in the house really likes it so its all mine. She also sent a couple roaster chickens from the grocery store – now I don’t have to cook dinner. love my MIL!

In my couch bound lasstitude I’m working on projects for my crochet 1 class. I keep all my goodies for the class in a little suitcase. See, examples of all the finished class projects all laid in there so nicely.

This is the rest of the stuff that gets piled on top! HA! I’m not as organized as you think! ( that awesome little chicken stapler was a gift from Bonnie who was a student in my last session – isn’t it the best!!)

So back to finishing up my latest two-sided potholder/hot pad and I’ll probably start the scarf since its a longish project, but I also have a sweater vest I’m test knitting and my own scarf/shrug project to keep on keepin on with.

Ah the comfort of soup and fiber, makes a girl feel better. 


Ain’t gonna hurt nobody

😉 – we just dancin ya’ll

Man we had a busy weekend. 2 soccer games – one in the remnants of hurricane Hannah, one birthday party, a delivery of replacement windows, and I won a blue ribbon.

I had some gifts to make for that birthday party – luv me some wooden peoples.

I finished a sock for myself

I stitched together some felt grahamn crackers – and posted a tutorial so you can make some too. (I’m sort of stuck on the idea of making saltines or oyster csrackers now)

and long ago I promised picks of the monkey Mama for my amigurumi class this month at Webs.

Oh yeah, and that ribbon…

Today I received a Blue Ribbon from Bonnie over at BluePeninsula. I love the inspiration that she finds in this beautiful corner of the Happy Valley that we live in. I am also thrilled by her crochet progress – shhh she was a student of mine and she picked it all up awesomely!! And now I get to pass the wonderfulness along.
1) Post the award on your blog. – mm hmm

2) Add a link to the person who gave you the award. – ayup

3) Nominate at least 4 other bloggers and add their links. – this is the fun part

4) Leave a comment at the recipients’ blogs so they can pass it on. – mwahahaha

Marti – and her little workshop, thsi girl was my first blogger friend and I adore her.

Cathy Cate at Hither and Yarn, lace, socks, motherhood and being abandoned by Brett Favre, what a woman

Cate and her Bee’s Knees awsomeness, I love her artwork and watching her burgeoning fiber addiction

Em and her Gang – she’s all about the chickens lately, love it!, and her quilting and family, yeah

So there you go chickadees, I’m off to enjoy another film with the Hubby (the Machinist last night, and We Don’t Live Here Anymore tonight.) There’s future maple happenings gaining ground out in the yard and more yarny projects to come so stay tuned.