Sara Delaney Crochet enabler, designer, author, reformed school bus driver.

My Memaire taught me to crochet when I was seven and to knit at nine.  Driven by a constant urge to craft, I spent my early years inundating family and friends with scarves, hats, afghans and anything else I could slap paint on or put together with brads, school glue and embroidery floss. After the birth of my two daughters in the early 00’s my interest returned to the fiber arts. I began to write my own patterns, drawing on my clothing construction and design classes and my forgotten childhood dream of fashion design. (After successfully making two human beings, how hard could it be, really?)

I’ve been teaching at WEBS – America’s Yarn Store since 2007, bringing crochet to the unhooked masses. I couldn’t be happier with the experience of empowering my students to learn in ways that are comfortable for them, and reminding them that “There is NO right way to hold your hook. There is only what is right for you!”

I also promise never to teach you crochet my Memaire’s way – chain until you can do it with your eyes closed and your hands behind your back. Although if you need a good party trick…

My first book, How to Crochet: A Storey Basics Title, was published in August of 2014.

My first Craftsy Class, My First Crochet Cardigan, opened in November 2014

You can also find me running the workshops at the annual Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair.

My husband and I are registered producers of Pure Massachusetts Maple Syrup. Come visit us at Occasional Creek.

And you’ll notice many of my post titles are song lyrics. You might see a link in the first line of the post, or at the end of a post, whatever song it is that’s what I was listening to while writing that post.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad to know you wanted to know more 🙂



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