Yeah, So, Um

Now I’m hanging by a thread – Everything Everything – Cough Cough

First 14 mini skeins

Starting a long term project today. One small crocheted granny square every other day for a year. I have 180 mini skeins to use up and I’ll see what I can make with them at the end.

7cm granny square in Madeline Tosh Sock, color: pop rocks

Square one. One hundred and seventy-nine to go.


6 thoughts on “Yeah, So, Um

  1. I like this idea. Even if you’re crocheting a big project, too, you’d have time to do these, I would think.

      • Someone else asked for your pattern for this. It’s hard to see exactly. Can you let me know, too? I know it’s a granny square but not the typical one.

        Want to say that my first knowledge of you was when I found your afghan made of brightly colored granny squares. Summer afghan, or something. I’m going to make that after I do a couple others. I found that I already have the book with those patterns. Yea!!


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