Double rainbow all the way across the sky!

😉 – OMG! OMG! OMG!

It started here.

Then the kids heard this.

Saebra decided she wanted a Double Rainbow Birthday. So, she got one.

We spent a week making a batch of ice cream each night, coloring it in sequence, and freezing it a spring-form pan. The whole thing was set on a crushed Oreo base.

Then we made rainbow cupcakes. A double cake recipe split into 6 portions, each colored and then spooned into cupcake papers in sequence.

The kids had a basket full of rainbow balloons to play with, faux tie-dying with markers and balsa wood gliders to toss into the sky.

She got lots of great gifts but my favorite is the dress that my sister made. She used a simple tank top and added a skirt, but what a skirt! Its made from this awesome rainbow fabric that she’s had in her stash for 15 years – I’ll try and get a pic of the girl wearing it 🙂

What did we get? One Happy Kid!

Happy 8th birthday baby-girl 🙂



7 thoughts on “Double rainbow all the way across the sky!

  1. That birthday cake was a GREAT SUCCESS!!!! *said in the voice of Borat*

    Even more successful were the vanilla ice cream cupcakes you made my boy for HIS birthday:)

    You always go above and beyond, My dear:)

    • You know – yesterday I found a bag of cookies in my cupboard that I had meant to use as a base for the boy’s cupcakes and I totally forgot 😉

      Above and Beyond, always for the ones we love 🙂

  2. I can NOT show this to my daughter (about to turn 5)…she will go crazy…this is the most fantastic birthday cake (and cupcakes) I have ever seen! Well done…what patience you must have!

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