Dig it like a shovel

😉 – I’m the lyrical Jesse James

Its lunch time, I’m hungry and the Hubby isn’t going to go grocery shopping till tonight. What to do?

Make soup.

2 minutes in the garden =

12 snap peas, 1 young onion, 1 small japanese eggplant, 4 large swiss chard leaves, a sprig of oregano.

Saute bulb of onion, eggplant and chard stalks in local, organic butter till soft.  Add chopped snap peas, chard leaves, chopped oregano and a splash of Long Trail Double Bag. Bring to a quick simmer. Add 1 cup chicken stock, 1/2 cup milk or half and half, chopped onion greens and salt and pepper to taste. Bring it all back to a simmer then enjoy!

The only thing that would make this the perfect lunch would be a slab of fresh baked bread but I haven’t gotten that far today. Soup and beer it is.

Lunchtime reading? Popular Mechanics – Energyland: The race to cheap, sustainable power. by Elizabeth Svoboda.



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