Sweet and Low

😉 – When all I need’s to turn around

With less than 2 weeks left of school I’ve started thinking about my summer classes. No school for the girls means no school bus driving for me (the joys of us all being in the same school district). Sometimes classes are scheduled so far in advance that I tend to forget that they are looming on the horizon but this year was really an 11th hour kind of schedule explosion.

Summer Squash Market Bag @ Metaphor Yarns

I’m currently bouncing back and forth between Webs in Northampton and Metaphor Yarns in Shelburne Falls. They have an overlap in customer base so I do my darndest to keep them separate, no conflict of interest. SO when it came to the 2nd week of May and I was suddenly scheduling classes at both I fell into a bit of a spin.

Hexagon baby jacket @ WEBS

What did I want to teach? Which classes fit the customer base best? How many classes could I fit into a summer? How many could I handle and not burn myself out? After all, I do want to spend some time with my husband and kids, friends and family in the next 3 months.

Amigurumi, Holiday Inspiration @ Metaphor Yarns

I think I found a good balance. Classes that I’m excited to teach in both settings. Basics classes that I not only thoroughly enjoy teaching but that teach me new things about my students and how to teach each time I step before a new set of eager learners.

Starling Handbag @WEBS (This is from Alice’s fantastic pattern! Which I love. I made one earlier in the year and I can’t stop using it!)

So check out the WEBS Summer schedule and the Class list at Metaphor Yarns and if you’re in the area come hook with me 😉



Soap suds in his eye

😉 – Never gonna match up with that smile

This spring I’ve been doing a lot of work that I couldn’t really show you or talk about, but bit-by-bit it is all settling into place.

One of my biggest projects actually began last fall.

Karen, the store manager at WEBS showed me a picture of a hexagon blanket that she thought would look beautiful worked up in the new hand-dyed version of Northfield that Gail had put together. I agreed, the idea was passed by Kathy and the Design coordinator Kirsten and I got to work picking colors.

I ended up using 7 solid color, 4 hand-dyed colors and charcoal to tie it all together. The actual hexagon construction went through about 4 incarnations before I found one that I really liked.

By Easter it was all put together but the pattern took quite a bit more time. How things work in my head doesn’t always translate easily into English, let alone Crochet! But with the help of my intrepid test crocheter, Annie, and some fantastic input from Kirsten it made its way onto paper and into a PDF and now you can have one too.

Get your copy of the Amethyst Brook Hexagon Blanket pattern here. And send me pictures, ask me questions, I’d love to see how this works up in everyone else’s hands! And keep your eye out for the Summer Valley Yarns catalogue – I hear this one made the cover 😉

Oops – here’s the Ravelry link