(I said please)

😉 -No matter which way you stay

I noticed yesterday that the forsythia are almost gone around here and the lilacs are about to start popping out and I was lamenting the loss of all the  beautiful eye-popping yellow when I remembered that I have a way to hang onto it all year long and I’d like to share that with you. So, I put together a little tutorial for you based on the pin that I made my Mom last year for Mother’s Day.

you’ll need:

fine gauge floral wire cut into 7″ lengths

beads – I chose a citron green, glass bead in a teardrop shape

polymer clay in yellow and green – rolled into 1/4″ balls


brown floral tape

a pin back

First I picked some forsythia as inspiration

Then I threaded the beads onto the wire to the middle point and then folded the wire in half to hold the bead in place. I made about 20 of these.

Once the wires and beads were ready I softened and rolled my clay into balls about 1/4 inch in size. The green balls I flattened between my fingers into leaf shapes, the yellow balls were threaded onto the wires.

The yellow clay was snugged right up to the bead and then very gently pinched into a bell shape.

The a very sharp pair of scissors was used to cut the bell into roughly even quarters – uneven seems more natural in the finished product.

Very carefully pinch each section to lengthen and thin it out a bit. Then curl the edges, you can pinch them to thin them out even more and make them a bit ruffly.

slide one of your leaves onto the wire and pinch that into place around the base of the flower. You may want to scratch a few vein-like lines into the leaf before you tread it onto the wire.

Work each flower roughly the same way. Make some larger and keep some closer to a bud-like stage. Now you should bake according to the package on the clay that you are using.

Once they are all baked an cooled you will want to wrap each flower with brown floral tape, starting right up at the base of the flower. Once all the flowers are individually wrapped you can start to put them together. Stagger the flowers beginning with the smallest blooms and working towards the largest, wrap once or twice with the tape and add the next flower, repeating until you have wrapped them all together

Once all the blooms are wrapped together you’ll want to bend and wiggle the wire a bit to give it a more natural look – super straight wire does not look organic 🙂

Add a pinback to the back side of your branch with your floral tape or some epoxy so you can wear your masterpiece.

Send me pix if you make one and I’ll post them on this here blog  – ChickenBetty – at – gmail – dot – com




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