And it’s going to be a day

😉 – And you will wake

On Sunday afternoon we headed to my Sister’s house for dinner. They live up in the Berkshire hills on a great piece of property.  Somewhere in the mid 1900’s the State Rte that they live on was re-routed. An old section of that highway has become the street they live on. After dinner we decided to go for a walk. There are the crumbled ruins of an old mill,  the two-storey stone foundation and LOTS of rusting bits of metal, old wagon frames, springs, bolts and random scraps of metal lying just under the leaf litter. My Mom found an old bicycle frame and my sister found and old cafe chair. While we were over by the mill my sister, who had hefted her shovel along, started digging up the pretty little clusters of green leaves. Actually these little plants were the impetus for the walk.  Ramps, people! Delicious, awesome,  wild leeks. She also unearthed some wild ginger. (It all got chopped up and added to Monday nights dinner – Peanut Chicken never tasted SO good!)

As we were heading back to the house my brother-in-law mentioned that he thought there was an old sugar shack on the property across the street from them. Boy was there.

Sometime pre-1970’s this sugar shack caught fire and burned, so the story goes. The thing that was absolutely killing my husband was that there didn’t seem to be ANY burn damage to the actual evaporator. The wooden elements of the evaporator only showed age related weather damage. This beautiful piece, of very expensive sugar making equipment, was just left out in the elements to rot. Its so sad. We found rusted out  collecting buckets, old syrup cans, bottles, and various other equipment.

Alright chickadees, its a beautiful day today in New England, I’m going outside to hang some laundry and contemplate my future garden plot. If you have a holiday to celebrate this weekend I hope it is all you need it to be. I might have some crochet to show you next week.  Maybe 🙂



2 thoughts on “And it’s going to be a day

  1. We are fortunate to have Ramp here in Western NC as well. One of the rites of spring is “diggin’ ramps”. The little town I live in has its first festival of the year in celebration of this pungent little treasure. The county Rescue Squad sponsors the Ramp Festival as a fund raiser serving a meal of fried chicken or fresh trout donated by local farms served with all the fixin’s–cole slaw, hush puppies, potatoes fried with ramps, home made desserts, and the guest of honor RAMPS! I can feel my mouth watering and my arteries clogging as I type!

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