With blacklisted friends and tupperware kin

😉 – and some souvenirs

Last weekend was pretty busy. On Saturday I taught a crochet charts class, my first 7 hour workshop. I out a lot of work into prepping for this one and I’m happy to say that my students did really well and we were able to get through everything that we needed to and stuff that I had just hoped to get to.

I’m fairly certain that most of the students walked away with the ability to not only read charts but to plot their own from a written pattern. I’ll look forward to teaching this one again. By the time I got home I was foot sore and brain tired so Saturday evening is a blur. I think there was food and I think there was knitting/crochet, I know I was plied with brandy, the only thing I am sure of is that I made it to bed at some point because that’s where I woke up the next day.

On Sunday morning we hosted our first, and only so far, Occasional Creek maple breakfast. Our friends/cousins, Eric and Kari came up to enjoy some of our syrup and to finish their month long tour of local sugarhouses.  Kari has a fabulous new book out: The Handmade Marketplace.

She’s going to be at the Etsy labs in New York tonight. If you’re in the area stop by or you can check the whole thing out online. Selling your stuff online? Trying to make a living at it? Take the time to check her out, SO MUCH knowledge! (Rue I’m looking at you!)

In the middle of Sunday I picked up the needles and worked a bit on a class project, from a class that I finished weeks ago. I took my dear friend Annie’s Nordic Lights Capelet class. We made the poncho on the cover of Wrap Style

For the first class I just grabbed a bunch of yarn in colors that I liked when they were all piled together. Turns out I don’t like them so much when you knit them together.

So I tried again. Much better colors. And this is just the swatch!

My girls have the day off of school tomorrow so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’ll get a chance to tell you about the second half of our Sunday, it included wild edibles, the awesome reclaiming power of nature and more maple.



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