Precaution please leave me alone

😉 –  changes color with each question that I ask

March has been a busy time for my hands and therefor me in general.  My niece and nephew both had birthdays. He requested a balaclava/helmet liner (which I forgot to take a picture of) and for his little sister I made a sorta 12 month summer layette set. (the bonnet is from my Vintage Shell Bonnet pattern – check the sidebar) I can’t wait to see her in it!

I taught bunches of classes, maybe bushel is a better word. Two consecutive sections of Crochet 1. This was a first both for me and WEBS. I am so thrilled that the public’s interest in crochet is growing.

I began a first crochet cardigan class with a few familiar faces and though we hit a few snags with the pattern we seem to be chugging along now. I hope to have pictures of my finished sweater next week since our last class is on Monday.

On Saturday I taught my first one day workshop and I loved it. It was all about crochet charts, how to read them and convert a written pattern into a chart. Six hours of class time is long but the students all seemed to enjoy our time and were thrilled with their new skills.

I’ve also been working on a large project for WEBS

Aren’t the colors beautiful? Its Northfield in solids and hand-dyed. I can’t show you anymore, you’ll have to wait for the summer catalog.

Also, I made some almond pesto and by some I mean lots. I may also have just eaten some with a spoon. Maybe.



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