leave your things behind

😉 -and then it rises with the fall

Our three hens have spent most of the last 3 months either in their coop of in the small(but big enough for 3) fenced in run. With the beautiful weather we had here in New England this past week we set them free again to roam around the yard and gobble down all the emerging greenness. We expected them to be cautious when we opened the coop to the wide world again. We were wrong.

Rococo, our white hen, makes a beeline for the back of our house each morning. It wasn’t until yesterday the Patrick figured out what she was doing.

As he came around to the back door he saw ‘Coco hop up out of our basement window casing and when he looked down there he saw the hidden nest she had made.

Thankfully our other 2 hens, Bitsy and Hinge, are perfectly happy to lay in the nesting boxes. What do you do with a clutch of hidden eggs? Eat them of course!

Mushroom, spinach, and parmesan scramble with few slices of crusty, fennel seed laced, sour dough bread and some jalepeno ketchup for kicks = the best breakfast I’ve made myself in quite some time. I hope your breakfast today was just as awesome. Tune in tomorrow for our winners!



4 thoughts on “leave your things behind

  1. Aren’t chickens so much fun..and funny to boot. I actually have a chicken named Betty!
    Your breakfast is much better than mine. Sounds delish.

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