You can never quite tell

😉 -And it’s going to be a day

I thought I would celebrate 4 years of blogging with a good old-fashioned give-away!

I’ll be giving away one set of goodies for each year I’ve blogged.  That’s right my chickadees! This means four of you will be the lucky recipients of the following:

a copy of my latest crochet pattern, the  Percival Mittens

and a half-pint of pure Massachusetts maple syrup from our sugar house Occasional Creek Maple

(Please note that your syrup will not come in the container above – its just to show off the pretty – your syrup will arrive in a standard maple jug. Also, the picture above is a full pint, 16oz, your prize is a half pint, only 8oz but just as delicious!)

One super lucky winner will get these two goodies AND the actual Percival mittens pictured above, the green pair on top, and just maybe, a few extra goodies.

So, how do you enter? Just leave me a comment between now and 11:59pm (EST) Wednesday, March 10, 2010. I’ll announce the winners on Friday 3/12. Have a great weekend!



17 thoughts on “You can never quite tell

  1. The color of the syrup is absolutely beautiful. Perfect shot to showcase the sticky sweetness. Also, congratulations on 4 years of blogging! I can’t even imagine, I fall off the wagon so easily. (btw- love the mittens!)

  2. you and your crochet talentness (and teasing with the syrup!!)
    I’m in the valley the week of st. patty’s day…lunch and chatter some day?? miss you!

  3. Oh, for goodness sakes…I can’t type (I wrote in Og for hoodness sake)..but you know that I would love to wrap my lips around some of that lovely syrup and those mittens are beautiful. I am in awe of all of the lovely crochetdness things you create..and yes, I know that is a made up word. Whew!

  4. How can I resist? Pure maple syrup…mittens…and a crochet pattern that I could someday learn how to use! Yes! Put my name in the hat (or however it is you are picking out the names…)!! 🙂

  5. I love the maple syrup. I also love the mittens. Your blog is great. I don’t know how you have time to do all of these things. ❤

  6. I saw the mittens on Revelry and thought of you without checking the designer yet. Weird.
    They are awesome. I hope i win.

  7. Oh, that syrup looks yummy! And the pattern looks interesting… can I handle it after only 5 weeks of crochet? 🙂

  8. I’m a covert reader of your blog. Of course, I can’t help but follow you on Ravelry too! :o)
    Would love to be a winner of any of the above.
    And “wow” your maple syrup is a glorious colour!

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