Precaution please leave me alone

😉 –  changes color with each question that I ask

March has been a busy time for my hands and therefor me in general.  My niece and nephew both had birthdays. He requested a balaclava/helmet liner (which I forgot to take a picture of) and for his little sister I made a sorta 12 month summer layette set. (the bonnet is from my Vintage Shell Bonnet pattern – check the sidebar) I can’t wait to see her in it!

I taught bunches of classes, maybe bushel is a better word. Two consecutive sections of Crochet 1. This was a first both for me and WEBS. I am so thrilled that the public’s interest in crochet is growing.

I began a first crochet cardigan class with a few familiar faces and though we hit a few snags with the pattern we seem to be chugging along now. I hope to have pictures of my finished sweater next week since our last class is on Monday.

On Saturday I taught my first one day workshop and I loved it. It was all about crochet charts, how to read them and convert a written pattern into a chart. Six hours of class time is long but the students all seemed to enjoy our time and were thrilled with their new skills.

I’ve also been working on a large project for WEBS

Aren’t the colors beautiful? Its Northfield in solids and hand-dyed. I can’t show you anymore, you’ll have to wait for the summer catalog.

Also, I made some almond pesto and by some I mean lots. I may also have just eaten some with a spoon. Maybe.



And we think that we make sense

😉 -Like you’re having a real good time

Waiting. You’ve been pretty good at it this month. I wonder if you’ll like the payoff? I bet you will 🙂

Annie, Melissa and Carolyn – check your in-boxes so I can fill your mailboxes.

Mitten patterns and 1/2 pints are waiting to ship to you.

Tina – you’ll have goodies and warm hands!

Big thanks to everyone who commented. Let’s do this again next year.


leave your things behind

😉 -and then it rises with the fall

Our three hens have spent most of the last 3 months either in their coop of in the small(but big enough for 3) fenced in run. With the beautiful weather we had here in New England this past week we set them free again to roam around the yard and gobble down all the emerging greenness. We expected them to be cautious when we opened the coop to the wide world again. We were wrong.

Rococo, our white hen, makes a beeline for the back of our house each morning. It wasn’t until yesterday the Patrick figured out what she was doing.

As he came around to the back door he saw ‘Coco hop up out of our basement window casing and when he looked down there he saw the hidden nest she had made.

Thankfully our other 2 hens, Bitsy and Hinge, are perfectly happy to lay in the nesting boxes. What do you do with a clutch of hidden eggs? Eat them of course!

Mushroom, spinach, and parmesan scramble with few slices of crusty, fennel seed laced, sour dough bread and some jalepeno ketchup for kicks = the best breakfast I’ve made myself in quite some time. I hope your breakfast today was just as awesome. Tune in tomorrow for our winners!


You’re crazy in the coconut!

😉 – That boy needs therapy

When I was 22 I went for a job interview and my future boss had a bowl on his desk full of little, plaster, left feet. I loved it.

When I saw these on Meta‘s desk last weekend I had the same feeling – I loved them and they came in their own perfect little box! She must have seen the little hearts rising and bursting over my head because she gifted them to me – oh JOY!

When I got home I had an urge to use them for something, anything. Then I remembered that I only had 2 weeks left till Spring and the possible reappearance of a certain flower at a particular knitting group and I knew what I could do. It’s motif # 93 from Edie Eckman’s Beyond the Square worked on a size C/2.75mm hook.

Whenever she does reemerge she will be welcomed 😉 (I hope she brings her awesome red purse)

Don’t forget about the blogiversary give-away!


You can never quite tell

😉 -And it’s going to be a day

I thought I would celebrate 4 years of blogging with a good old-fashioned give-away!

I’ll be giving away one set of goodies for each year I’ve blogged.  That’s right my chickadees! This means four of you will be the lucky recipients of the following:

a copy of my latest crochet pattern, the  Percival Mittens

and a half-pint of pure Massachusetts maple syrup from our sugar house Occasional Creek Maple

(Please note that your syrup will not come in the container above – its just to show off the pretty – your syrup will arrive in a standard maple jug. Also, the picture above is a full pint, 16oz, your prize is a half pint, only 8oz but just as delicious!)

One super lucky winner will get these two goodies AND the actual Percival mittens pictured above, the green pair on top, and just maybe, a few extra goodies.

So, how do you enter? Just leave me a comment between now and 11:59pm (EST) Wednesday, March 10, 2010. I’ll announce the winners on Friday 3/12. Have a great weekend!


Got your hands full now baby

😉 – Aw, ya better believe

Happy Blogiversary to me! WOW, 4 years sure has gone by fast.

I just wanted to put up a quick post today to show you what I’m currently working on and to tell you to make sure you come back this Friday – I have a super special somethin’ in store for ya.

Tonight I start teaching the First Crochet Cardigan class at WEBS. We’re using Julia Vaconsin’s Summer Petals cardigan (Rav Link) pattern

I swatched 7 different yarns for this before I decided on the one I wanted to use.

(LtoR, top to bottom) Blue Sky alpaca silk, Noro silk garden lite, Webs Everett silk(long since discontinued cone), Rowan scottish tweed 4ply, Classic Elite soft linen,  and Rowan wool cotton)

In the end I settled on Zephyr by Jaggerspun, a gorgeous merino and tussah silk blend on cones. One problem, seemingly, this stuff is lace weight and the pattern calls for a dk. All you have to do is swatch and block, people! I give you the before and after swatch.

Stitch detail before and after blocking

Half of the back of the sweater before and after blocking

I love how this moves through my hands and how warm it is even as it sits in my lap like a cloud!

Alrighty, back to putting the Friday surprise together, you’ll want in on this one!