Where does the answer lie?

😉 – There must be another way

I think about blogging every day and I get all wrapped up in explaining why I’ve been away for so long, why it’s nothing major just lots of little things – each of those little thins actually being really interesting on its own, and how I plan to get back in the groove and when I think about putting it all down at once it is overwhelming and discouraging cuz really, who wants to read pages and pages of excuses.

And that one run-on sentence is all you get Ladies and Gentlemen. From here on out I’m just gonna blog, semi-regularly.

This past autumn I had a great opportunity handed to me by Pixie, the Education Manager at WEBS. We had talked in the past about the Crochet 1 class that I teach and how much I jump around with the curriculum as its written and wouldn’t it be nice if it was reorganized and streamlined a bit. So, she asked me to do just that. And I did.

I started that session the way I have started every session for 3 years – I made practice patches, one for every student.

Each ball is about 30 yds and I then crochet a starter swatch about 20sc wide by 4 to 5 rows. This is instant gratification for my students and helps to keep their confidence up when we start the hard part – learning new stuff!

That was where the class stopped being like every other session that I had taught. I completely rearranged the skills progression so it was cumulative, had a slower, steadier pace and the project list, heck I wrote 4 new patterns just for that class – and cut several of the old ones out. My students were aware that they were guinea pigs and they were fantastic sports about it. Because of them I was able to work out the few remaining kinks and turn Crochet 1 into a class that really gives a student a solid foundation and jumping off point to continue their journey with this new skill.

I am currently halfway through with the first Crochet1 section for the winter, section 2 begins next Tuesday and I am so stinkin’ excited! This is the first time we’ve had more than one section at a time! People are going crazy about crochet and I just love it. And the best part – its (mostly) from MY brain!

Stay tuned chickadees! Monday marks my 4th year blogging. I have all sorts of exciting things planned for you!

Oh, and check out the new feature in the sidebar – Pattern Links! Even if you don’t have a Ravelry account you can go and see the patterns I have for sale and buy yourselves a copy.



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