Well, you may be poor with the wolf at yer door

😉 – but money isn’t everything

My girls heard a commercial on the radio the other night for some Big Box toy store. The announcer said something about how you could find everything you needed for the holidays at this particular store and my youngest shot right back with, “Well, thats a lie!”

So, we asked her what she meant by that.  She explained that a toy store could have lots of things we might want but nothing that we really needed. A toy store didn’t have our family, or food, or a home, or love and that meant that saying they had everything we needed was a big fat lie.

If you asked my girls what the best gifts are they will tell you anything handmade is better because it was made with love and it was made just for the person who gets it.  Its not a rote response, they do still truly believe this, as do my husband and I, and we hope that they can continue to hold onto that into their adulthood.

Now, they are kids, and of course they want toys and gadgets and holiday frippery,  hell so do I,  but they continue to ask each year for gifts that we can make for them and we are happy to oblige. Last weekend I was able to get Saeb’s new bathrobe, nightgown and slippers done, Re’s slippers are finished and her bathrobe and nightie are cut out, I should be able to sew them together later this week. Today I started on their new hat and mitten sets. Here is the cuff of Re’s mitten

I breaks my heart sometimes to know that we can’t give the girls everything that they ask for or even everything we’d like for them to have but I know that they do have everything they need to grow into the beautiful, wonderful women they will become.

I’m gonna keep chuggin along on holiday gifts, I still have SO much to do!

I hope you can all find some peace and quiet this hectic season to appreciate getting what you need and truly enjoy getting what you want.



The trees on the mountains are cold and bare

😉 – The summer jus’ vanished and left them there

yeah, I know.

Facebook ate my life. I think its under control now, I think.

I made some stuff

Those are for the ornaments swap that I did this year. Today I’m making the girls annual holiday jammies with the added bonus of bathrobes.

I have made tons more stuff but I won’t bore you with a list of all of it, just go check out my flickr pics.

Back to cutting and sewing now. You’ll see more of me in the days to come 🙂