At times I just don’t know

😉 – I think that I was made for you

Yesterday we got the thing I’ve been talking about for 3 years.


ladies in the coop

Patrick built a coop that you would want to live in, if you were a snooty chicken.

the coop

They settled in pretty quick and today they explored their mini front yard. Eventually they will be free rangin’ but they’re penned up a bit till they figure out that this is home. The girls fed them earthworms and beetles yesterday and they gobbled up the French Toast leftovers from breakfast

thing one peeking out

Many thanks to Melissa, Mr. Wonderful and Girl for raising such beautiful ladies. So far they are “thing1” and “thing2”  but I’m thinking Wanda and Tulula. Patrick shot down Fricasee and Cacciatore.

thing one on the ramp

Saeb took this pic of their bottoms – too cute.

chicken butts



5 thoughts on “At times I just don’t know

  1. Don’t they just have the most adorable bottoms?
    I love my chickens although they might not have more than two brain cells all combined. They are laying great eggs, though, and are an immense source of entertainment…which says loads about the number of brain cells I have!

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