You go with your two feet bare

😉 – Drawn to the fragile legs you walk on

So, I punctured my foot on Friday. Stepped on a garden rake, went almost all the way through my foot, ball of my foot, between the big toe and next. No major damage but major enough pain. I’m pretty much stuck in bed, I can’t quite walk on it yet, though I can drive short distances, and if the foot is below heart level for more than 10 minutes she swells like a puffer fish and throbs like you can’t believe.

2 mugs detail

Small things make me happy, like these awsome mugs that my SiL Jamie made for our anniversary.

2 mugs

They fit perfect in my hand. I love them.



12 thoughts on “You go with your two feet bare

  1. ouch! I did a similar thing with a nail in a board last year, so I feel your pain. Tell me you had a tetanus injection …

  2. Poor Friend!!! I hope that you’re feeling better today, just a little? At least the mugs are nice to look at and you can fill them with a warm, comforting cup o’joe and think about how much all your friends and family love you…even though you’re a total cripple;) Do ya needs anything from me? A possible grocery run, a donut, a hug? I’m but a stone’s throw from you:)

  3. Wow, bet you could not do that again if you tried! What a freak accident. Do rest up and take care, hugs from Sunny and Hot Arizona.

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