The smile on your face I live only to see

😉 – Lay here and watch the trees sway

How to have my Tuesday in 7 simple steps.

1:Wrangle with your insurance company and that of the other party involved over the fault of the rear-ending that you experienced 5 months ago and finally get them to come to the conclusion that it WAS NOT your fault and that you can now get your car fixed.

2:Drop your car off at the body shop which also has a rental place and drive off in a spiffy PT Cruiser.

3: Get a job teaching at WEBS so you meet awesome people who will bring you fresh Hadley Grass from their garden for NO reason, out of the blue, while you are happiily crocheting away at Drop-in.  Thank you Joyce!! 😉

marinatin' aspargus

4: When you get home from work with the kids marinate the asparagus with some chives and oregano from your garden and a bit of the real balsamic vinegar that your sister brought snuck back from Italy almost 2 years ago that you totally hoard.

5: Fire up the grill and get it ready for some steaks and the super yummy asparagus.

a broken door

6: Counsel, comfort and bandage your almost 7 year-old after she shatters the glass on your garage side door and scares the SH!T out of herself, her sister and you. (Breathe a sigh of relief when you clean up the Van Gogh worthy amounts of blood from the side of her face and ear and you only find superficial cuts. *sigh*)

sidewalk of glass

7: Clean it all up and be ready to sit down to a delicious meal just as the hubby pulls in.

grilled cow and hadley grass

You could probably get away with steps 4, 5 and 7, or you could make up your own, but that would be simple and easy. The best things in life are more enjoyable if you toss in some drama, and a full belly.

a belly so full 

SO full.

and no, that is not some secret allusion to me being pregnant, I’m just super full of asparagus.



3 thoughts on “The smile on your face I live only to see

  1. way, way to busy a day for your “old” mother. i do remember my trip through the glass, at about the same age. unfortunately, mine wasn’t an easy cleanup. so very glad to know my little mouse is o’kay. give her big kisses and hugs from nana and pass some on to my sweetheart. of course, i send along more for you. by the way,that “grass” looks so yummy!!! love you to the moon and back 🙂

  2. How scary…couldn’t you think of an easier pre-dinner activity???
    I am glad all was well.
    The dinner looks absolutely delish, and by the way, I love reading your sweet mother’s comments. How lucky you are to have her!
    Have a fabulous weekend..with no more drama.

  3. Whew…what a day! I’m glad everything turned out OK! Hope the Bean isn’t traumatized? Love to each of you…can’t wait to join you in some fresh Hadley grass:)

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