The words are coming out all weird

😉 – waiting for something to happen

On Saturday I became an Auntie again. My sister had a beautiful little peanut of a girl, Julia Rose, early Saturday morning. No pics yet cuz I just lost my brain around her and forgot everything but holding her and looking at her.

Yeah, April, it never gets old.

So, yesterday I went into get-it-done overdrive. I mean, if I’m gonna be going to hang out with my sister and the baby as much as I want to then I need to have my weekends free and that means clearing all my deadline projects off the plate. I am 4 squares away from blocking and seaming my “Square of the Month” class  blanket, 1 motif away from the pendant and earrings class samples, my grellow scarf is the sample for the “Join as you go granny scarf” class so it just needs to be blocked again. I already turned in the mitten class sample though I’m itching to make another pair and that just leaves me with 3  motifs for the beaded necklace class. I should be able to get through all of it this week – fingers crossed. Once the classes post and enrollment opens for the general public I’ll let you know

Speaking of the blanket, its 25 squares, 13 of which are just grannies in the 6 colors


There are 12 other blocks – one for each month – and it took me quite awhile to sort through the book to find a good collection of blocks that were varied enough in style, composition and technique that they would interesting to the students and have at least one new thing to learn each month.


Then I had to decide on which colors to use for each. At first I was just goint to randomly grab a skeins of yarn but I kept grabbing the green and there’s already plenty of that color from the grannies. Then I thought I’d line them up in the order they happen in the grannies and use them that way – each square beginning with the color after the beginning color of the square before and using the sequentail colors for the other colors in the square… see how ridiculous that is. In the end I sketched them out quick  and broke out the mini crayons for color reference and there ya go. 


Alright, I have 4 squares to go, maybe I can block them during drop-in tomorrow ?



3 thoughts on “The words are coming out all weird

  1. Congratulations!! Yeay for new mommy and new baby girl – tell your sis I say hello and that I hope she is doing good!!

  2. I would like to follow you and watch as you crochet each square. I feel so inspired looking at your blankets. Any chance you can share your methods?

  3. Good day – i am from africa and will not be able to attaend a class, is there a possibility for me to buy the pattern from you?

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