Don’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for

;)- There’s nothin’ there to hide

We watched the first 2 episodes of the BBC’s Robinhood last night – here’s a mini version of episode 1

Hated it. I haven’t said that a show sucked in YEARS – but this one did. The acting was horrible the writing must have been done with trained monkeys and the lead actor is just yucky. ew.

Good news is that I’m going to watch this BBC version of Robinhood next week. ( Holy crap Mom, remember watching this on PBS!!!?!!!) Oh and this youtube clip is set to one of my favorite 80’s one-hit wonders to boot! I’m sure it’ll be loaded with cheeseball 80’s stuff but just look at that man. woof!

And if you’ve never seen this, don’t bother. I only saw it 3 times in the theatre because I had a cruch on Christain Slater at the time, whaddaya want I was 16.



One thought on “Don’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for

  1. Ok, good. I thought I was losing my mind. I pegged this from Netflix a few months ago and couldn’t even make it through a whole episode. Who can fail Robin Hood?? I mean, it’s ROBIN HOOD, it’s in the bag! But truly, this new BBC series was some serious suck. (Did you check out the hot eyeshadow hues on some of the ladies? Those girls are rockin’ the teal, make no mistake.)

    Miss you, lady.

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