Then light me a smoke so I can sing some jazz

😉 – but I guess I need another plan

Its Thursday, which just happens to be my favorite day of the week, has been for years and No, I don’t have a particular reason.

I’m working on a sweater that I’m lovin’. A couple more inches and I’m off to sleevesville.


I’m playing around with beads. Are beads a spring thing? Are you working with some?


I brought this home on Tuesday after successfully hiding it for weeks so no one else would get it! It is a cone of almost 2000 yards of Inca Alpaca and I call it the alpaca baby, I cradle it and dream about its future.


Oh and its syrup season around here. Though we are only producing for ourselves this year – next year we’ll be open to the public. Here’s the rest of my family on a sap run.


I’m kinda glad I don’t have to slog through the mud this year to boil everyday. Speaking of mud, check out what Kristin is living with.

I love New England.



2 thoughts on “Then light me a smoke so I can sing some jazz

  1. I love that sweater! Sneaky you hiding that lovely cone of goodness.
    I was going to ask if you were going to sell any syrup this year. Bummers! I’ll have to wait a whole year now.

  2. We’ve gotta get that kid a boiler!

    I like that picture. Kind of a small time farmer thing with his lawn tractor and cart.

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