The words are coming out all weird

😉 – waiting for something to happen

On Saturday I became an Auntie again. My sister had a beautiful little peanut of a girl, Julia Rose, early Saturday morning. No pics yet cuz I just lost my brain around her and forgot everything but holding her and looking at her.

Yeah, April, it never gets old.

So, yesterday I went into get-it-done overdrive. I mean, if I’m gonna be going to hang out with my sister and the baby as much as I want to then I need to have my weekends free and that means clearing all my deadline projects off the plate. I am 4 squares away from blocking and seaming my “Square of the Month” class  blanket, 1 motif away from the pendant and earrings class samples, my grellow scarf is the sample for the “Join as you go granny scarf” class so it just needs to be blocked again. I already turned in the mitten class sample though I’m itching to make another pair and that just leaves me with 3  motifs for the beaded necklace class. I should be able to get through all of it this week – fingers crossed. Once the classes post and enrollment opens for the general public I’ll let you know

Speaking of the blanket, its 25 squares, 13 of which are just grannies in the 6 colors


There are 12 other blocks – one for each month – and it took me quite awhile to sort through the book to find a good collection of blocks that were varied enough in style, composition and technique that they would interesting to the students and have at least one new thing to learn each month.


Then I had to decide on which colors to use for each. At first I was just goint to randomly grab a skeins of yarn but I kept grabbing the green and there’s already plenty of that color from the grannies. Then I thought I’d line them up in the order they happen in the grannies and use them that way – each square beginning with the color after the beginning color of the square before and using the sequentail colors for the other colors in the square… see how ridiculous that is. In the end I sketched them out quick  and broke out the mini crayons for color reference and there ya go. 


Alright, I have 4 squares to go, maybe I can block them during drop-in tomorrow ?



Don’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for

;)- There’s nothin’ there to hide

We watched the first 2 episodes of the BBC’s Robinhood last night – here’s a mini version of episode 1

Hated it. I haven’t said that a show sucked in YEARS – but this one did. The acting was horrible the writing must have been done with trained monkeys and the lead actor is just yucky. ew.

Good news is that I’m going to watch this BBC version of Robinhood next week. ( Holy crap Mom, remember watching this on PBS!!!?!!!) Oh and this youtube clip is set to one of my favorite 80’s one-hit wonders to boot! I’m sure it’ll be loaded with cheeseball 80’s stuff but just look at that man. woof!

And if you’ve never seen this, don’t bother. I only saw it 3 times in the theatre because I had a cruch on Christain Slater at the time, whaddaya want I was 16.


Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls

😉 – Would I know?

(Seriously this is my favorite song right now. just click the link, it’ll open and play in a new window. Oh and get tissues.)

I got the best belated birthday box yesterday and it came with an awesome and totally unexpected and overdue surprise. Seems my gift was arriving at the same time as hers. Ms. Marti and I have been blogger buddies pretty much since I started and every once in awhile we ship little boxes off to each other (I have one halfway full for her at the moment) I have watched her get married, buy a house and move all the way across the country and now she and her Mounty have welcomed a little girl. So how floored was I that she though of me in the midst of this dreary winter and her uber long pregnancy! 

New purse and minibag – minibag comes with stitchmarkers!!!


I am making a purse from this!!!! 


and something wonderful from this


and I cannot stop wearing this.


Maybe its the impending arrival of spring, maybe the impending arrival of my 13th wedding anniversary, maybe the impending arrival of 4 babies (well 3 now, one is already here ) in my life in the next 5 months, maybe the one-car crunch in our home this winter that has had us spending much more time together and appreciating the little things, but I’m like, stupidly in love right now – with everything. I’m just happy. happy happy. I hope you are able to find some of that this year cuz man, its awesome!

 I am the luckiest.


Dip trip, flip fantasia

😉 – With the razzle dazzle star I might be

Oh, Patrick and I just came in from a sap run and I’m cold. Not that its really cold out, maybe 40ish, bracing is perhaps a better word, and now I feel the cold leeching away from me in waves and I feel colder for it. I don’t feel warmth soaking in I feel the cold being absorbed away. Its a very strange feeling.

Today I got to the halfway point on the shawl collar of my sweater, I only have 10 more rows and then I can start the sleeves. I should be done by the end of March!


A barter was proposed and accepted this morning at Webs. I will make this:


in this yarn – Storm


and I will get some of this in return.

Oh holy carp how cool!!

I’ve also been working with tiny crochet and beads. See tiny…


see beads…



Madam, I’m Adam

Aurelia says, “Hey Mama, isn’t it funny that race car is spelled the same front ways and backwards?”

And I say, “Yep. When that happens its called a palindrome.”

And Patrick says, ” Its words or phrases spelled the same both ways. Hang on, give me a second here with the internets.”

Then he shows her this.

Do you wonder why I love the man?


Then light me a smoke so I can sing some jazz

😉 – but I guess I need another plan

Its Thursday, which just happens to be my favorite day of the week, has been for years and No, I don’t have a particular reason.

I’m working on a sweater that I’m lovin’. A couple more inches and I’m off to sleevesville.


I’m playing around with beads. Are beads a spring thing? Are you working with some?


I brought this home on Tuesday after successfully hiding it for weeks so no one else would get it! It is a cone of almost 2000 yards of Inca Alpaca and I call it the alpaca baby, I cradle it and dream about its future.


Oh and its syrup season around here. Though we are only producing for ourselves this year – next year we’ll be open to the public. Here’s the rest of my family on a sap run.


I’m kinda glad I don’t have to slog through the mud this year to boil everyday. Speaking of mud, check out what Kristin is living with.

I love New England.


You grow up and learn that kinda thing aint right

😉 – But while you were doin it-it sure felt outta sight

I have had SO MANY post in mind for you in the past 2 months and as the days go by and I move further from the initial idea of the post I find myself losing interest in it. Silly me. I also have had plenty of projects that I couldn’t post about because the recipients stop by here occasionally or because they are out for publication. What does that leave me with? Humdrum daily life, thats what,  and as exciting or interesting as that may be to me in the moment it doesn’t always translate so well for the blog. So I’ve decided to give you a bit of a pic heavy post with minimal details of recent completed projects and I’ll save the funny one for last, trust me.

Also, my blogiversary slipped by on March 1 and I know I talked about a contest but I just haven’t had the energy or attention for it. This summer we’ll do something fun. I have a collaboration project in the works and I’ll pull a little something from there for you. 

On to the pics!





This was a hat idea I cooked up last summer and as I made it in January a mitten idea snuck in. I’ll have more details soon, like when the pattern becomes available through WEBS!





I whipped up a granny scarf for myself, which has become a class for this summer, and I made this awesome silk cowl for my MiL. With some tweaking and a slight fiber change, this will also become a pattern for WEBS. She loves it 🙂





My sister’s baby shower was Valentine’s weekend and I was working furiously to get everything done that I wanted to for her. This is The Wool Eater blanket by the lovely Sarah London – its a free patern! I worked it up in the colors of my new neice’s room, but my sister decided that at 3×3 it was the perfect out-and-about blanket. And lest you think I am the only crafty one… that little felt birdie was my sister’s gift to everyone that came to the shower. The night before we (me, sis, and her long-time friend Marissa) stitched up the ones she hadn’t finished yet and tied them onto little bags of color coordinated peanut m&ms, her pregnancy candy craving. 





I was asked by my sister to make a chicken mobile and it took me a long time to figure it out. She and I have always had, what most girl children of the 80’s have, an affection for rainbows. Once I had that in mind I worked up the chickens and as I worked on them one day someone commented that I would damage my poor soon-to-be niece by making her look at chicken asses for the first years of her life. That’s when I decided to add the little shapes to their butts, this way its education chicken ass that she’s seeing.  This past fall I had found 2 great pillow cases and I just waited till I found the right pattern. Nothing is cuter than babies in kimonos, and yes, that is my homemade bias tape.





I’ve been working on a block of the month crochet blanket, for another class and those colorful grannies are the fill-in squares, 12 blocks does not a blanket make. I also started the winter ’09 round of my Crochet 1 class and I spent an afternoon working up little practice patches for the students. Starting each student group with these has become the key to my success with that class. And somewhere in there I got sick and needed good food that was just for me. Homemade carrot soup and pumpernickel bread anyone? Oh it was so yummy.





I’ve been working up some miniature crochet motifs for a jewelry class this summer. Yeah, that is a dime. Even I can’t beleive I made these. 

The Hubby is out on a man-date tonight, watching the Watchmen with some friends, I saw it last night. 

um…. if you get this film and the GN, then I need not say anything to you because, well, you get it. If you don’t then I can’t help you. Seriously. 

Rorschach. oh boy. If ever there was a tempting, mysterious, broken man in comics/sci-fi that a comic geek-fan-girl would love to fix, for me, it would be you (the shadowy pre-teen echo that is left in me screams that I have to include Snake -Eyes here).

Ok, I’m off to finish watching seaon 4 of Spooks, thats MI:5 here in the States. Oh Adam Carter, would that I were an imaginary beatiful British spy girl and we could make beautiful British spy babies together. Woof.

Oh yeah, I promised funny, huh?


The girls had schol friends over during winter break and Re decided to teach her friend how to embroider. Re has a little mushroom pincushion and said her friend would need a pin cushion. So I let her little friend pic our felt and I sewed one up for her. It wasn’t until I looked at it in pictures after she left that I saw its particulat resemblance to, well, a penis.

bad, bad, me