And now the clocks are running

😉 – ain’t no harder than it’s ever been

Today’s post sums up how I have felt (ha!) about life this past month.


I had a hole in ma toe 😦


So i’s fixed’ed it.


I poked’ed it reals good with sumpin sharp.


lots ‘n lotsa times.


all ’round.


Nows its fixed but looks likes I stepped’ed in poo.


( I wore a hole in my favorite – since I made them during winter break – slippers and today I needle felted a patch into it. I turned the slipper inside out and fitted it over the corner of my needle felting sponge. I tacked 100% wool across the hole in one direction, then in the opposite direction, then in the round and needle felted the crap out of it til it was secure. Now my toe won’t poke out and I’m happy. Do you think I could get away with needle felting a new hatch door onto my beetle and still pass MA inspection?)

I’m recovering from a flu named Truck Turner [When they ask you what happened…] I’m still feeling a bit oogy but better. My crochet 1 classes started up again last week, another great group of ladies but I missed the block of the month class that I teach. I think that’s the first ever Webs classes that I’ve called out on. I’m finishing up and writing out a few patterns this week and I’ll update you soon. I’ve had tons to write about and show you the last few weeks but life and family come first and they certainly have. Take a keek over on my flickr page for the photographic proof that I’m chugging along.

I have a blogiversary coming up and you know what that means….


more details later in the week.



5 thoughts on “And now the clocks are running

  1. I LOVE that you patched your fav slippers! My favorite slipper socks are now felted due to my laziness but they fit so much better and never fall down. I will have to remember this if they ever flounder.

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