Gone now is the Willow Wren

😉 – The leaves will fall to feed the ground, and in their falling, make no sound 

It  is Silent Poetry Day.

I was thinking about our maples and their winter nakedness and my recent birthday and my husband, love that man, and in my searching for a poem for today I found this. I love the last 3 lines. I can imagine the two of us there.

Bare Trees

Quietly falling, 
Painting winter’s captives
Bare trees sleep shimmering 
Beneath ice and mist.
In the frigid air your breath scrolls 
A pattern from gently spoken words 
The cold wind has kissed.
We follow the Trail 
Passed the sleeping orchard, 
Recounting old stories 
Like a well read book.
Your warm hand outstretched 
To help steady my step 
From faltering on
The frozen path we took.
The hour’s a guess, but it doesn’t matter.
So much to remember, too many years gone.
We’re like two bare trees, 
Dusted white, and laughing, 
Winter’s happy captives, content to walk on.

Maria Dalonas

Tonight we’ll be having oatmeal cookies and a glass of milk to honor St. Brigid



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