And now the clocks are running

😉 – ain’t no harder than it’s ever been

Today’s post sums up how I have felt (ha!) about life this past month.


I had a hole in ma toe 😦


So i’s fixed’ed it.


I poked’ed it reals good with sumpin sharp.


lots ‘n lotsa times.


all ’round.


Nows its fixed but looks likes I stepped’ed in poo.


( I wore a hole in my favorite – since I made them during winter break – slippers and today I needle felted a patch into it. I turned the slipper inside out and fitted it over the corner of my needle felting sponge. I tacked 100% wool across the hole in one direction, then in the opposite direction, then in the round and needle felted the crap out of it til it was secure. Now my toe won’t poke out and I’m happy. Do you think I could get away with needle felting a new hatch door onto my beetle and still pass MA inspection?)

I’m recovering from a flu named Truck Turner [When they ask you what happened…] I’m still feeling a bit oogy but better. My crochet 1 classes started up again last week, another great group of ladies but I missed the block of the month class that I teach. I think that’s the first ever Webs classes that I’ve called out on. I’m finishing up and writing out a few patterns this week and I’ll update you soon. I’ve had tons to write about and show you the last few weeks but life and family come first and they certainly have. Take a keek over on my flickr page for the photographic proof that I’m chugging along.

I have a blogiversary coming up and you know what that means….


more details later in the week.



You’re all around but I haven’t found you

😉 -Doesn’t matter what I tell myself

I have never felt less productive than I have in the last 2 weeks. Being down to one car,  having to deal with insurance adjusters and body shops for the other and having to ferry my husband back and forth to work, 45 minutes each way,  everyday, has nearly diminished my “me” time. I am also now doing the grocery shopping, something the hubby has done on his way home from work Monday evenings for almost 2 years. I loathe grocery shopping but when given the choice between doing it myself during daylight hours or waiting until just after dark at dinner time with the hubby and both girls in tow…. I will loathe alone, thank you.


This weekend was a nothing weekend for us, the first in what feels like months. No plans for anything. ahhhhhh

Yesterday morning my buddy Annie and I headed down to Webs for one of the Lily Chin workshops – Short Row Bust Darts. What an awesome class! Seriously, your sweaters will never be the same. Especially if you wear anything larger than a 34B 🙂 Annie and I then hit Esselon for lunch and I returned home to a pair of children mid Star Wars marathon and a husband heading out to his shack. Heeheehee.


So I whipped out the sewing machine, cranked up the iron and got ready for a bout of sewing goodness. Trouble was, the iron wasn’t “cranking”. Irons don’t work so well if there’s no heat emanating from them. Hmmm. Could this have anything to do with the strange little puddle of water I found under my ironing board last weekend? Yup. After a casual, “Girls, did either of you see anything happen to Mamas iron last weekend?”

Saebra replies, “Oh yeah. I knocked it on the floor but put it right back!”


Twenty five minutes later, one trip to the small appliance aisle of the grocery store and I have a new iron cranked and ready to go. I got all my fabric ironed and cut and then I fizzled out. It was dark and almost bedtime for the girls so I packed up for the night.


This morning I got right back into it and I now have 32 yards of homemade 1/2 inch, double fold, bias tape for a pile of projects that I can’t show you yet. I started with a fat quarter of each and ended with just shy of 4 yds of bias tape in each pattern. I’m thinking I might make some more and offer it in my Etsy shop. Idn’t it purty?

I’m off to do some more sewing before dinner and then I’ll be tackling a crochet project that is almost done and needs to be!


Hope you had a great weekend!


Gone now is the Willow Wren

😉 – The leaves will fall to feed the ground, and in their falling, make no sound 

It  is Silent Poetry Day.

I was thinking about our maples and their winter nakedness and my recent birthday and my husband, love that man, and in my searching for a poem for today I found this. I love the last 3 lines. I can imagine the two of us there.

Bare Trees

Quietly falling, 
Painting winter’s captives
Bare trees sleep shimmering 
Beneath ice and mist.
In the frigid air your breath scrolls 
A pattern from gently spoken words 
The cold wind has kissed.
We follow the Trail 
Passed the sleeping orchard, 
Recounting old stories 
Like a well read book.
Your warm hand outstretched 
To help steady my step 
From faltering on
The frozen path we took.
The hour’s a guess, but it doesn’t matter.
So much to remember, too many years gone.
We’re like two bare trees, 
Dusted white, and laughing, 
Winter’s happy captives, content to walk on.

Maria Dalonas

Tonight we’ll be having oatmeal cookies and a glass of milk to honor St. Brigid


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