We’re fine here, we’re all fine now, thanks.

How are you?


That happened last night. Me drivin, girls in the back seat. Bumps on the head, no real injuries. Great cops, great EMTs, great witnesses.

No structural damage, still driveable. The truck that hit us, well, doesn’t look like it did.

Next week we see the insurance adjuster and we’ll know where to go from there.

The title is a quote from a movie. Do you know which one?



8 thoughts on “We’re fine here, we’re all fine now, thanks.

  1. Don’t know the quote, but am so glad you are all fine.

    My car was visited by an adjuster recently, too – an avalanche of big chunks of ice falling off a building clobbered the whole front end. Luckily, I was not in the car when it happened, as the windshield was smashed all the way through.

    Here’s hoping for a safe and uneventful rest of the winter!

  2. My first car was an original slug bug. I was always the one unharmed in accidents. At least you don’t have the engine in the trunk.

    Funny how cops become awesome when you’re not a teenager anymore.

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