Don’t look for love in faces, places

😉 – It’s in you that’s where you’ll find kindness

Another holiday half-way through. 


Its been pretty good so far. Patrick and I jumped the gun, as always and tossed our gifts at each other well before Xmas. We’ve been doing this since the year before we got married. We have never made it to the actual holiday before giving each other all we have gotten and there is usually a complete lack of wrapping as well. He got new ear buds, new shoe laces – I’ll never understand that mans ability to wear through a pair of laces in mere months – a burlap bag full of burlap bags – for cider pressing next fall – and a small hunk of cash towards his new, maybe used but new to us – possibly, maybe in the spring, evaporator. I got new wooden spoons – cuz I’ve been asking for them, the list has been on the fridge for months – and a new pizza peal. They’re Mario Batali brand – oooooo – Pat says all I need now are orange clogs….


um. done.


see that little wooden spoon? it has another even smaller spoon on its other end. 🙂

(Yo Dawg. We heard you like spoons, so we put a spoon in yor spoon so you can mix while you mix!)

I think the kids have crested the wave of crazy and they’re gliding into the shore. I think. We still have a full half of  the holiday left. Next Saturday we’ll go spend half the day with my Dad and Step-Mom and the other half with all of Patrick’s family. 

elizas-poppy-setShrinky-dink poppys for my sister.

I’ve actually enjoyed making gifts this year and I haven’t really felt rushed or harried…hmmm. Can’t quite explain that one. I was making right up until I left to go to my Mom’s on Xmas eve…hmmm.

elizas-tree-setTree pendant and earrings for the same sis.

gift horse and all.

moms-tree-detailMom’s tree pendant.

This seems to be the year of  “do-stuff” gifts. Almost everything that the girls have gotten from family, us and Santa has been something to do or make. Aurelia got a whole embroidery kit from Santa and she’s already stitching her own designs on all the plain colored clothing she can find in her drawers – this book was part of the kit – love it!! Saebra got a kit for making paper purses and a whole pad of really cool fabric-like paper to make more when her kit is empty. 

My Mom got me a bunch of frames – also on my list this year, I never have a list, this was a first! – so I can grown-up my living room a smidge with some nice art bits. pics in the months to come. My favorite so far has to be what my sister made for me.



nuts, seeds, beads, and she hand drew the design. She said she had originally planned to make these for everyone but after this one took weeks! she pared it down to just me. Lucky me!! its so awesome…

I should be able to get back to my regular crafting in the next week. I already sorta started. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and are – possibly – still having it, cuz I am!


the smell of the eighties and – EEEW! not in that way – super delicious yummies soon.



2 thoughts on “Don’t look for love in faces, places

  1. WOWZA! Those tree pendants ARE fabulous! I love how your lil’ sis always claims to not be so crafty. PAH…is all I haves to say ’bout dat!

    Oh, and also, I miss you!

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