Then the petals fell

😉 – Thrown to a passing breeze

Well, there it is


the storm finally started – the one they cancelled school for. No school today and the snow is just starting, at 2 pm eastern standard time. I would be sitting in my bus as middle school students climbed aboard at this point. Silly school departments. The girls were out today too. So I find myself with laundry on the toss, dishes done, livingroom tidied up and 2 children screaming with fun out in the snow. What is a girl to do. Oh yeah – blog. That thing I do occasionally.

I have been the queen of get-it-made these last 2 weeks. 5 stuffed animals for a co-worker at Webs, these 3 are my favs. they’re only about 4 inches tall.


I’ve gotten a plethora of knitted gifts dome for the family. I still have a couple pairs of slippers to finish up for the girls and a hat for my Bil Adam. A couple little trinkets for the ladies in the family and I’m done.

I also participated in the 3rd Annual Holiday Ornament swap. I made pinecones. They were killa easy and I love them.



I kept that last one for myself. They’re all packaged up and sent off now, I hope the peeps like ’em. I need to put up the tree this weekend and make cookies for all the kiddos on the bus as well as for the girls teachers and bus driver. I may not make it back here before next week so if I don’t


HAPPY HOLIDAY my little chickadees!!! Love you!



4 thoughts on “Then the petals fell

  1. ok, this is where I recreate the total “squee” (a sound I do NOT make, ever, but your animals wrung from me like an ancient washing machine) last night over that frikking cow with the ring in it’s nose!!! OMG (another thing I do not say), it was SO adorable!!

  2. I too love the animals. So cute. Wish I could borrow a little of that energy. I’m all done with the Christmas stuff, but just really dragging my butt around (maybe more like the belly?) as though I’m plodding through molasses. Which isn’t like me. Have a great holiday 🙂

  3. I asked Quinn to guess who’s blog we were looking at, thinking he would figure it out when he saw a picture of one of the girls. As soon as we saw the picture of all the yarn on the table Quinn said, “Oh, it is Sara Delany’s because of the mess of yarn.” Smart kid!
    Peace and Yarn,
    Annie and Quinn

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