A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

😉 – And I cannot guess what we’ll discover

(Dude, watch the video. I so totally want to make the ripple afghan on the keyboard!)

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Green Meme #2
1. Do you use baking soda toothpaste or baking soda shampoo? If not, would you consider it?
Actually I used to. When my Dad’s youngest sister – read: totally cool, hottest chick I’d ever know, totally wanted to be her for years! – was dating a dentist he got her to brush with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. She did it so…I did it. But man it was SO gross!!!! My kids would never brush their teeth if we did that, and I think Patrick would rather eat sand. Instead we use Tom’s and I’m looking into making my own soaps and shampoos next year, growing stuff in the garden and searching out local suppliers for the stuff I can’t make for myself. But I really like the soap we use now.

2. Do you make any home cleaning products?
That’s also on the list for next year. For awhile a couple years back we made our own laundry detergent and I’d like to get back to that, and I’m making some dryerballs for when we’re not using the clothesline. I made my own swiffer covers – we have all hardwood and linoleom floors – no vaccuuming 🙂

3. What is your top green issue at the moment?
um. Oil dependance, I think. We have to do more. And I’m sorry but the fact that installing a solar set-up will cost 30K after all the rebates and tax breaks is RIDICULOUS!! The gov’t should be begging us to build them.
4. Given unlimited cash, what is on your fantasy green wishlist?
Geothermal, solar, green home on an awesomely cool  – read: tourists come check it out! – completely sustainable fiber farm.
5. Have you implemented any new green act/behaviour/product this month?
Well nothing totally new but we really started using the timer dial on our oil burner in November. The Hubby wrote about it here. I love this thing – I don’t think my Mom does. Our heat is not ON. Those of you who have rads/radiators/radient heat served up by piping hot water or steam up into your house know just how much oil you can burn through just keeping that tank warm so its on standby for when you want heat or hot water. Well, ours is tankless but it is OFF most of the time and I just turn it on when we need it. We seem to average 2 times a day for 1 hour each time, instead of what we used to have whicj was the oil kicking on once every our or so. Now I crank the dial once in the morning to heat up the house (When I wake up at 5:30 its around 54 F) and provide hot water for showers and in the afternoons when I get home with the girls, hot water for dishes, showers, and to warm up the house a bit. Sounds like we’re shower freaks :0 And even when we heat the house I’m not talking about 75 degrees, we live quite comfortably at about 60-65. Sweaters and socks will do wonderful things for body heat, wonderful, homemade, wooly sweaters and socks. Oh and we’re still using the same tank of oil that we bought in April!
I’m not tagging anyone, participate if you wish, I’m sorta doing this as a way to keep myself on track. I think.
Also I was nominated for  a Tree of Happiness Award!
Thanks Kittyboo.
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One: Quiet reading time. Now that Saebra is really reading on her own, today she likes this, the girls have 15-30 minutes each night before bedtime to read, alone, to each other, to me. It great and it has slowed down the madness and almost completely ended the chaos and mess that bedtime used to be.

Two:The alone time. Have I mentioned this yet 😉 . Time that is just for me with no one else. Patrick worked third shift for the first 6 years of our marriage, he switched to days after Saebra was born. I used to think that my sometimes short temper and freak outs came from our family expanding from 2-4 in only 18 months but it wasn’t until last year that I realized it was the quiet, alone time that I was missing.  I am NOT a solitary creature but I love my occasional – oh who am I kidding, daily – solitude.

Three: My husband’s sense of humour. That man can make anything funny, at least to me. I laugh everyday with him. Saebra says that as long as he keeps me laughing then I won’t have to divorce him. Funny how kids can boil the whole thing down, huh. But, if he did stop making me laugh would I really HAVE to file for divorce? Who would enforce that?

Four: A few good friends. Friends that will come hang out at my house while I do dishes and make scrumptious goodies. Friends that I can call on short notice and know that they are there for me. Friends that I can go hang out with and let the kids battle it out while we laugh. Friends that know they can call on me when they are stuck or add me to their emergency contact list. Friends that give great hugs, that like to go to the movies (or watch them at home:) ), that also bake scrumptios goodies, that are just good friends. Thanks ladies, you know who you are.

Five: My kids. My girls. They are the best things I’ve ever made.

Six: Music. It has always been important to me. My Dad was a musician, Mom sang me to sleep, I sang in high school and after for a bit, at friends weddings,I belt it out in the car, sang the kids to sleep, i like music. I have pretty eclectic taste, there is almost always music in our house – even more so now that we don’t have tv. Way back in pre-baby days we bought a stereo system that included what was the late 90’s equivalent to and i-pod shuffle, the 51 disc CD changer. We still have it and its fully loaded. If I don’t have stuff playing on the computer then I just turn the stereo on – hours and hours (well, days really) of music. I like something with a great bass line that makes me want to dance, I was into house music for awhile, I still like it for long car trips. I like big band – love Sinatra, New Wave, everything really. I’ll try it all once. Its part of why each of my posts starts with music. The titles are lyrics from something i’ve listened to that day and if you click on the wink, or that second line of lyrics, you can go and listen to whatever it was that got stuck in my head that day. Who knows, you might find something new that you like, and that makes me happy too.

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Maybe you lot could do the Greene Meme too, but ya don’t hasta do either – I’m just adding to your traffic stats :).



5 thoughts on “A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

  1. Hey, thanks for tagging me! I’ve already done the Tree of Happiness one, though…. and as for the other one, I’m afraid it’s be pointless to do that one, seeing as, unfortunately, I’m not terribly green.

    But, ha! How funny that my illustration of the tree of happiness has ended up being the badge for this thing. (-:

  2. And…we love you too! My gals are definitely hanging on the closest branch within reach on MY tree of happiness! The kids I keep up a bit higher…for their safety, of course!

  3. can’t stop myself.
    1.) yes
    2.) yes (almost all)
    3.) fossil fuels and the grid.
    4.) solar, cars too, and a cleaner way to tour, ditto on the farm thing. have idea for great sustainable tourist trap.
    5.) hmmm. furnace has been on once. that’s not usual.

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