Captive to the wind, time running thin

😉 – simple as the sight of feathered wings

Such a grey start to my day. Cold, rain, fog, and the emotional sludge left after a long family filled weekend. I did not want to leave my husband’s side this morning.  Do you have those bubble mornings? Your life exists in a perfect bubble for an instant and then the world/children/alarm clock burst in. Most mornings I look forward to getting ready for work without any interuptions but this weekend he let me sleep in every morning (8am is 3 extra hours of sleep for me), and I think I’ve gotten used to waking to the sound of him in the house. See, sludge. 


We had a good FULL holiday weekend. Thanksgiving meal at my Dad and StepMom’s and dessert later at my in law’s. Patrick worked Friday so it was just me and the girls all day cleaning and talking about holiday wish lists and letters to Santa. Saturday was Thanksgiving part 2 with all my in-laws and then my Mom spent the night at our house. Sunday was her birthday so we went to the movies and out for a meal with my sis and friends Annie and April. 


We saw the new Bond film first, kick-ass! met the ladies for a laugh filled meal and trooped back to the mall for Twilight. For a movie marketed and made for 14 year-old girls it weren’t bad 🙂 I had a great day but I’m happy for my alone time today. It can be so quiet in this house when I am here alone, it recharges me.


I’m finishing up some holiday gifts for the girls, putting together my final gifts-to-make list so I can make sure I have everything I need to make said gifts, listening to this Sonya Kitchell song on endless repeat – its the link at the top (I heard the song on WMUA this morning and I came right home to get it. Love it), writing up the menu and making the weeks grocery list for Patrick.

I have to scoot back to work but the sun has come out and there’s a beautiful mist floating around out there. I’ll have ornament ideas and more gifts on the make to show you soon.



3 thoughts on “Captive to the wind, time running thin

  1. I love noro.
    the gray speaks to the season. it looks like my front yard. also side and back and other side.
    the other one just makes me want to buy a new Christmas cactus. Mine died.

  2. thank you my sweet for a lovely weekend. my birthday isn’t complete without you in it. wore my new neck scarf and fingerless gloves to work, everyone thinks they are quite unique.

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