Don’t Slide

😉 –  dream of something else instead

Have you seen the new Webs site?

I have. Know what?

That’s my cactus on the front page of the class list 🙂


You can still sign up for the class!



6 thoughts on “Don’t Slide

  1. in case you are wondering just what the hell my mother is talking about up there, rest assured she hasn’t mixed up her medications.
    My kids have been obsessively watching and old TV miniseries of Alice in Wonderland and Saeb has been singing this one song over and over – its awesome!!
    Here’s the link:

  2. OMG three things:

    1. That cactus is ADORABLE and looks just like mine used to until it grew taller…pink flower and all! LOVE it! ^_^

    2. Just watched that link. Carol Channing is awesome.

    3. My sister and I are going to see Twilight tomorrow night. *grin*

    We can chat about it after we’ve both seen it!

    Love yoo!

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