Hold on, hold on tightly

😉 – You’ll run and not grow weary

All sorts of projects are falling off the hooks now. See


That’s the hat that goes with the mittens from the last post, she doesn’t know that stuff is for her for the holidays. She thinks they are samples for the store – ha! I pretty much made the whole thing while we watched 3 episodes of Doctor Who (Tom Baker years) on Saturday night.


That’s Saebra in my new hat – um, ok she says its hers now. Felted crochet, really dense stuff and it really does fit her better.


and I’ve started another sweater, top-down raglan, its a test knit for a friend. Its slow going on the sweater simply because she has no deadline and I have a pile of things to make for friends and family for the now swiftly approaching gift-giving season. 

I have also doomed myself to a bit of additional holiday rush by signing up for my third year in the Ornament Swap. Can I get away with chickens again?

of course I can – besides my sister wants a chicken mobile for the new baby so I can mash it all in together as one big project. It’ll be great – I love lying to myself!

I had a parent teacher conference with Aurelia’s teacher last night and it was everything I expected it to be. I think I may adore this woman as much as my daughter does. My kid is smart, so smart she’s sometimes spinning her wheels while she waits for the rest of the class to catch up and she ends up staring out the windows or whisper-chatting up a storm with one of her neighbors. Yes, Mom, it sounds JUST like me in 2nd grade. Oh, and she’s horrible about turning in her homework – the homework I watch her do everynight, the homework that is in her bag, in her locker instead of in her teachers homework box each day. uh-huh.

Miss Henneman says that her biggest problem with Aurelia is just that she dissapoints her sometimes, she throws a bit of ‘tude around because she knows she doesn’t have to work as hard as some of her classmates, but Miss Henneman loves that even on days when she has to call Aurelia out for “bad” behaviour my kid still makes it a point to give her teacher a hug at the end of the day and say thanks for being a great teacher.


its reassuring to know that we’re doing something right.

I have Saebra’s P/T conference on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for me.



5 thoughts on “Hold on, hold on tightly

  1. stick me in a classroom and I’d develop a ‘tude too. 😉

    I was awful in school. Bored to tears, restless, frustrated by the boredom. My 3rd grade teacher gave me things to do. I loved her. She was the only one who “got” the whole boredom thing.

    chickens are always a go.

  2. I love the yarn in that first hat. What beautifully graceful color changes!

    I definitely experienced boredom in school. It ended up coming out by my reading in class. I’d read ahead in the textbook if I had nothing else. But I definitely snuck some kind of fun book reading into a math class once where we were going over a test that I had gotten a 98 on. I remember it so vididly because another student got in trouble for goofing off and the teacher said, “The only people who could afford goofing off are Lauria and Anna, and you don’t see THEM goofing off!” I jumped when I heard my name break me from my book-reading spell and then I’m pretty sure I turned 15 shades of red… Oops.

    But in the end, I ended up going to Simon’s Rock College (Now called Bard College at Simon’s Rock) and that certainly alliviated all boredom and kicked my butt in a good way. No more big fish little pond!

  3. Miss Tizz is another like that. She coasts through most things, but because she’s in a composite class (Year 1 and 2, she’s in Year 2) and composite classes are part of the school philosophy, not just making up numbers, she is encouraged to mentor the younger kids. She loves it. Next year she’ll be in a 3/4 class, and it will be the other way around, although she can do Year 4 work, so it’s all working well to date. The attitude is just at home so far!

  4. I LOVE both of those hats… I need to learn how to crochet! I’m sorry I’ve been away from your blog for such a long time! Thanks for friend-ing me on ravelry! I wish I had more time to knit and stuff this year… it’s been a crazy one. We’re having issues with my daughter at school too… mainly I think she’s got ADHD and really needs someone to help her focus more, which the teachers just can’t do… She has no trouble with the work, it’s just trouble staying focused… and I REALLY don’t want to put her on any medication!

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