i always gotta have my way

😉 – oh little girl!

Oh the frustration.

I am sitting at my computer, using it, but its not my computer, its some zombie version that looks and sounds like my computer but is totally missing its brain and is only driven by mad need.

My computer is NOT running from its harddrive, it is running completely from a CD, a 2 year old version of Ubuntu. I can access the interwebs and that’s about it – and I can’t do that very well because this 2 year-old program just doesn’t recognize a huge chunk of the java script that most pages are built with now


Halloween was also tough for me. So much crammed into the day and we almost missed trick-or-treat all together and I never got pictures of the kids. 😦


I think I may try to participate in this whole november blogger writing thing but I’ll get into that more later in the week when my computer is cured of it’s current Zombie state.

man, I can’t even link to anything….



4 thoughts on “i always gotta have my way

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble. Sometimes I think computers are more trouble than they’re worth. Hopefully everything will get back to normal for you soon

  2. slow your life down, do what’s best for your little family. my wish for you is not to miss anything with your little loves or that bigger one either!
    i love you to eternity and beyond!

  3. Hi Sara!

    I am a loooong time friend of your mom’s–I used to work with her at “weathervane” and she used to take her car to my husband to be fixed (Bill Daignault)–ring any bells??– ANYHOW, your mom told me about Etsy AND your site and chicken betty’s!!–soo cool!! love the chickens. I must say your site is really awesome, you are some kind of wonderwomen with all your projects!!–VERY VERY talented I must say!! –anyhoo, just wanted to say Hi and that I love your web site, insights, and projects!!–I am a crafter and hope to sell on Etsy too. well, I will get back to lookin’ over the MANY things here!! Take care!

  4. Hey there…just checking in to say that I hope your computer woes are remedied before too long. Life’s a little bright when Chicken Betty drops into our day 🙂 Take care, hope things are well.

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