To get into my hair again

😉 – Uneasy in my easy chair

Man, I have just been the worst blogger this month. My apologies. Lots doing.

In my defense, I have been working finishing and writing up 4 different projects that I can’t give you the real details on because they’re being submitted for publication and you kow how prickly those publishers can be about original material, blah, blah, blah…

So what can I show you. hmmmm

I’ve been trying out ideas for a new hat, thinking and trying different bobbly stitch bits to see if I can make with yarn and hook what I see in my head. I should be done with with my “can’t talk about em” bits just after Halloween and then i can get to work on…

the holidays.

My bus broke down again this morning – some electrical fritz – this is the 3rd time in a month. argh!

I did manage to make it through that chapter and am now happily speeding through the rest of the book again. I read a line about something that Bree was wearing and laughed outloud to myself because the first thought that popped into my mind was… “I need to read through these books again and look for knit/crochet pattern inspiration!”

uh huh



2 thoughts on “To get into my hair again

  1. Good to see you’re doing ok. Sorry to hear about the bus.Looking forward to Tuesday night. I went to WEBS last night and my yarn. Don’t even ask about me and the ballwinder. It was rough;)

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