Uncle Richard, me and James Earl Jones

πŸ˜‰ – the world has more for you

I’m finishing up, and starting projects left and right lately. I have 3 patterns that I’m submitting for a Twilight knit/crochet inspired book. One is 1/2 done and has been/is being test knitted as we speak and I LURVE what my testers are turning out! Woot!!

The other 2 are crochet projects, I’m working up one this weekend and hope to have the pattern written and off to testers early next week and possibly get the last project started on Monday.

This is all I’ll show you of the one on the hook now, It reminds me of the episode of the original Star Trek series with the two opposite guys that couldn’t get along.

I also picked all the tomatos that were left on the giant plant that grew out of out compost. We had two morning frosts this week and all the foliage is dying. Now I just have to figure out what to do with 10 pounds of green cherry tomatos! Any ideas?

Oh and because he’s mentioned in the song lyric that I chose for a title today, I will leave you with links to 4 of my most favoritests JEJ movies. One, Two, Three and Four, and NO these are not award winning or even worthy performances, they’re just my favorites – go rent and enjoy πŸ˜‰



6 thoughts on “Uncle Richard, me and James Earl Jones

  1. You’ve been a busy Lizzie. How about pickling those tomatoes? I just did a Google on pickled green tomatoes and there is a load of recipes out there. I’ve made them years ago and they were delish. I know that I also made some relish using green tomatoes.
    Pickle on!

  2. I know what you can do with green tomatoes.

    You can come over to my house and pick up a bunch more!

    I’ve had mixed luck in the past getting them to ripen. I’m still holding out hope that the frost will hold off long enough for some of mine to ripen on the vine. I’ve been a bad gardener this year. Freakin self-employment.

  3. Hi! If you check out NPR’s Splendid Table Podcast, you can maybe search for green tomatoes. She has an episode where she talks about what to do with them. I love her podcast! Love your blog.


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