Can you say squee?

I have been quoted in The New York Times!

yeah, you read that right. Scroll down till you get to the entry for “kinnear”, it was last year and I’m just learning about it now – thanks Ms. Pearl-McPhee.

I entered it on Urban Dictionary – the 2nd entry – last fall.

I’m not quoted or anything but, its cool. SO cool

oh my little not-so-famous-except-here-in-my-own-house celebrity.


* oh man – he was on Conan O’Brian – and he read MY WORDS!! WOOT!! – its in the third segment

**the esteemed NYT is not letting you access the article unless you become a registered member, but I assure you it exists.


5 thoughts on “Can you say squee?

  1. Filth flarn filth!!! My *&^% DVR screwed up last night and it didn’t record Conan and the NBC site won’t let me see it, presumably because I am Canadian. The DVR has ruined my day!!!

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