But my heart is still unknown

😉 – Now inches from the water, about to disappear

My week started off in a wonderful place. 

Patrick has had Mondays off all month and we’ve been able to spend some nice days in each others company. This week we took a slight road trip north for goodies.

See, Kristin mentioned awhile back that she and The Farmer had this amazing old abandoned apple orchard on their farm, then she went and said that if anybody wanted to come pick apples they could! We don’t live all that far away and I’ve been trying for 2 years to get together with her, so we decided we would go make a morning of it!

It was one of those great blustery autumn days with really warm sunny patches and cool breezy patches – just a beautiful day. We got there around 11, said hi to Kristin, the Farmer, lovely neighbors, the dogs, chickens, mamma sheep and their fall lambs, the guinea fowl and the orchard – oh that orchard.

They are the wildest apple trees, there is such life and a magic about them, all tangled together, gnarled, broken, canted, wild, rose covered – you should see al the little cuts on my hands and all the little thorns I pulled out that afternoon 🙂 – and quiet, so quiet but alive with sound at the same time. I remember days like that as a child spent wandering the hills behind my grandparents place and spending hours without hearing human sounds. I loved every minute of it!

After an hour or so of picking we were at hauling capacity for our little station wagon and we headed back up to the house for a bit. Kristin showed us around, introducing us to the reasons for patricks newest blog posts, showing us her studio, piles of works in progress and recently returned test knits for her latest book-in-progress. Truly amazing stuff. She also gifted me with a nice little stack of postcards of some of her pictures and paintings – she has them for sale on her site scroll down a bit.

The apples were hard to get to in places and we only explored and picked in a very small portion of those 4000 trees. Most of the fruits are very high in the trees now – one of the reasons comercial orchards prune their trees is ease of picking – but we had a wonderful time and filled a huge bin with a falls worth of cider fodder! This weekend, when Patrick isn’t working on his sugar shack, we’ll be grinding and pressing apples. 

The girls have 3 soccer games this weekend but I’m sure I can get them to help me wash the apples inbetween. I can’t wait for that fresh cider!

Thank you Kristin!



7 thoughts on “But my heart is still unknown

  1. Mmmm… cider!

    You guys have got it going on! Cider, syrup, knitting, etc.

    Oh, I got a sewing machine. Traded a bike for it. Now all I need is some free time.

  2. Oh this old Crone is pea green with envy right now! Where I used to live was an old CSIRO Apple orchard and we could pick our own at the end of season. Then the land was sold and the trees were all bulldozed 😦

  3. Hi Sarah and Patrick:

    Lovely photos of those old trees. I hope you all do get to the cider. My mom is coming up next weekend and bringing a press so we may finally get to make cider out of some of those apples. At any rate, I’ve got to get onto the applesauce!
    Hope to see you soon. XO

  4. OOOOOOOO, how awesome. The kids and I took a most amazing walk through the Holyoke range yesterday. It was blustery and colorful. Fall is in full effect and I’m loving the crisp smell of the air and even the large grey clouds that accompany it. Glad you two got some time together and it was SO well spent!

  5. What a beautiful post! My parents’ house used to back on to a valley of old orchards, with a buttercup~lined creek at the bottom. I could lose myself in there all day. Thanks for sharing, and bringing back some wonderful memories. =]

  6. Sarah — Did you make any cider yet? I just went to NOHO to the Winemaking Supply store and picked up the stuff we need for hard cider. Maybe I’ll make more cider this weekend (I hope if the rain stays at bay) and then I hope I can figure out the whole hard cider things. Bought a book, sounds complicated but then sometimes books make everything seem more difficult than it needs to be. Hi to Patrick.

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