all of our dreams would come true

😉 – what else can a poor boy do

I feel like Quasimodo, or Sloth or John Merrick.

I’m slogging through a nasty first cold of the season. The kids both had it two weeks ago and Patrick had it last weekend. I’ve had it for 3 days and today is the worst so far. I’m achy to the point where my body feels strangey proportioned, totally congested, I can’t breathe through my nose and find myself slurping occasionally to keep myself from drooling – hence the above mentioned names.

Patrick went grocery shopping last night and I told him to bring me home a whole chicken so I could make soup today. I started it this morning and then, knowing that my FIL was on his way out here today to help Patrick with the construction of the new sugar shack, my MIL called and offered to send lots of freezer goodies including soups!! Yeah! I live on soup when I’m sick and nobody else in the house really likes it so its all mine. She also sent a couple roaster chickens from the grocery store – now I don’t have to cook dinner. love my MIL!

In my couch bound lasstitude I’m working on projects for my crochet 1 class. I keep all my goodies for the class in a little suitcase. See, examples of all the finished class projects all laid in there so nicely.

This is the rest of the stuff that gets piled on top! HA! I’m not as organized as you think! ( that awesome little chicken stapler was a gift from Bonnie who was a student in my last session – isn’t it the best!!)

So back to finishing up my latest two-sided potholder/hot pad and I’ll probably start the scarf since its a longish project, but I also have a sweater vest I’m test knitting and my own scarf/shrug project to keep on keepin on with.

Ah the comfort of soup and fiber, makes a girl feel better. 



6 thoughts on “all of our dreams would come true

  1. AHHH, feel better soon! I’ve been knitting and purling my to my heart’s content! Had to pull apart the larger piece from an out of control mistake but fixed it all on my own.

    *patting myself on the back*

    Now, at some point we spoke of knitting rhymes. Here’s one Nova told me today…

    In through the front door
    run around the back
    peeking through the window
    and off jumps jack

    Cute, huh?

  2. Hey, remember that river troll ring you made way back in febuary? Well, I was doing a google image search for delicious trolls and I found it… it inspired me to go searching for troll related jewellery… but there appears to be precious little. Thus, I resolved to make my own troll ring – from leftover copper gardening wire (and a cute bead) I made this;

    My first ever attempt at making jewellery. I’m surprised that I think I could actually wear it.

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