Give me the grace to hold my line

😉 – there’s nothing to waste, it’s only light

Welcome to everyone traveling over from Susan B. Anderson‘s lovely site. Click on the winking smile for my musical inspiration of the day. C’mon in! The crazy is fine.

Some days I think, “Children be damned!”, I want to pull the bus over and grab my camera and live in happy-picture-taking-land. Alas, the schools, the parents, and the company I work for, I’m sure, wouldn’t be so keen on all that. I bet the kids would be fine with it though. “Sorry kids. You’re gonna be a little late to school today. There’s a leaf over there with really cool bug damage that I just need to snap a few pics of, and OH! is that a red tailed hawk!?! Hey look at ….”

Today I saw 5 separate flocks of wild turkeys with a wide range of ages from almost grown juveniles to mere chicks – poor littles are in for a tough fall. Its pretty impressive to see that many of these birds on my little 16 mile loop when you consider that they were almost completely wiped out in New England (the last known native bird in Massachusetts was killed on Mt. Tom in 1851) and only reintroduced in 1972.

Most of my bus route is pretty rural and I drive it 4 times a day but I get to see some pretty beautiful stuff. The only bummer is that everything is SO beautiful in the dawn/early morning light that trying to go back and capture it later in the day with my camera just isn’t the same. This morning there were dozens of spiderwebs all decked out in morning dew between the power lines over Knights Pond, the turkeys, a moose – if I happen to mention how absolutely huge these creatures are, in the case that I see another one, believe me! I drive a school bus and the things head was almost even with mine! 

So, no wild turkey pics but I do have lovely new yarn to show you!! See, I’m all about the mollifying.I have 3 Twilight inspired bits on the needles/hooks right now. Two are mine and one is a test knit. This:

is for a scarf and fingerless mitt set called “Reminder and a Promise”. SO yummy, the Shibui is to die for! I want to crawl into it. And the pearl cotton was a total steal at Webs – 10 little skeins for $3.50! 280yds for less than 5 bucks. I can’t wait to get this one out of final design tweaking and really get working with it.

Thats it for today. The Hubby is off to CT to pick up a load of bricks and cinderblocks to build the arch – essentially the oven – for the new in-progress sugar shack for 2009. That’s right a REAL sugar shack, not pallets and plastic wrap anymore! And we even have a name for it. Ready?

Occasional Creek Maple




7 thoughts on “Give me the grace to hold my line

  1. Just keeping dreaming about twilight projects myself. What can I do will raw wool in honor of my undying love and devotion to Edward? I need to get on a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. I pulled out my gifted knitting book to read and look over before diving into a second project beyond a scarf. I hate not finishing what I start so knitting is a frustrating undertaking for me. I would wake up at odd hours of the night just to knit!

  2. I know what you mean about photographs. There’s a huge field of sunflowers on Route 9 near Hatfield that I want to stop and take pictures of, but I haven’t had the chance to yet. I really must throw the camera in the car and take the long way home one night this week…

    The yarn looks so yummy.

    BTW, my little cupcake is almost finished. I just have to finish the top and sew it on so I’ll send a picture when it’s done. The eyes were much easier to use last night for some reason…lol maybe it’s because I didn’t have an audience.

  3. occasional creek maple. like that. I have two occasional brooks myself. I wonder if we have sugar maples…hmmm. More syrup? Keep me in the loop.

    want wildlife? earlier I had enough coy out there to entertain anyone. they were hunting. loudly.

  4. Hey there!
    We live very close to a nature conservatory and there are wild turkeys all over our neighborhood. They run in flocks of 12 or so and I recently saw a mommy with her young going up on the school playground (before school started, thank goodness). These turkeys can reek havoc in neighborhoods, for awhile they were attacking kids’ with lunches in their backpacks and also mail carriers. Can you believe that? So strange. I can’t imagine seeing a moose as high as your bus. How cool.

    Mornings are always so beautiful, right? The earlier the better.

    Can’t wait to see what you are making with that gorgeous yarn.

  5. Speaking of the hubby…when might he update his website again? Those of us who lurk “over the mountain,” so to speak, are eagerly awaiting his latest commentary.

    p.s. *shhh*…act casual…there’s a teeny, tiny, li’l smiley at the very bottom of this page staring at me.

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