I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring

😉 – baby got it going on!

So yesterday was “Talk like a pirate day” , and folks have been celebratin’ pirate life left and right round these parts. Coincidence – I think not! – that I should stumble upon treasure on just such a day. She was just sittin there on the side of the road with a pile of broken useless stuff.

Isn’t she beautiful!

When I got home I didn’t want to put her out in the garage – I wanted her in the house dang it! but I didn’t have a place for her. What to do?

Make a place by rearranging the living room.

S’alright, the rearrange has been pending for about a month now, little bits have been done here and there but the major move just kept getting put off. Not anymore! I am super thrilled with the new layout, it feels like 2 separate spaces – the iving room and the “office” which is what we’ve wanted. Plus I managed to work a little games table in there for the girls.

Many yarny endeavors are on the needles/hooks right now. I’ll post about many of them soon. This week has just been too crazy to sit down and think about but the pace will slacken back to normal next week. Right now I have dishes to do, dinner to get ready and 2 girls to get dressed for a soccer game.

oh and yesterday I found, also buried in that pile of stuff on the side of the roaf, this great lidded basket, I pinned a bit of lining fabric into it and piled all my yarny works-in-progress into in.



6 thoughts on “I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring

  1. just joined this blog site, was intreaged by title chicken betty, so glad i clicked on and greeting me was your lovely find on the side of the road, it makes me happy to know that there is others out there who can see beauty and give it a place in the warm, hope i can find one just like it. My mother gave me, my great grandmothers sewing table, i also have to do a great deal of clearing up and find space for my new sewing table but do i paint it first?

  2. Rearranging is like getting a whole new room … changes your perspective on everything there. I do it at least a year. Love the basket and your new friend. I got one recently & I’m trying to figure out how to fit her in my bedroom (without taking out my stash).

  3. It looks so inviting! I’m glad I’ll be coming over tomorrow. I can’t wait to sit amongst all that creative energy. I miss you like crazy. I’m really anxious to ogle the works in progress and then demand that you teach me how to do it all in the 2 hours I’m there;)

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