my morals got me on my knees

😉 – but you got me good

Its official. I am – in name – what I swore, SWORE, as a newlywed, that I would never become.

a soccer mom

DUDE! its awesome! not the other parents or anything, although their coach is a nice looking man. I love watching my girls running around playing this game.

(I’m not big on “other parents” ask my friends. I’m pretty solitary at the playground, I have my yarn and my mp3’s – don’t need anything else)

They have their first game this afternoon. They are team 3, otherwise known as – and they chose to be called this! – The Swamp Monsters. uh huh.



5 thoughts on “my morals got me on my knees

  1. That’s a great picture of them:) The swamp monsters? Interesting… at least it’ll put some fear into their opponents;)I just can’t picture girls that cute as some seaweed covered swamp thing from a horror movie though.

  2. Yo, I totally dig your style of Soccer Mom. I don’t even have to see it in action to know that you’re the least annoying Mom on the sidelines. And the girls look awesome in their green soccer shirts! I totally wanna come see a game some time.


  3. Have you heard Volvo Driving Soccer Mom by Everclear? I told the hubby the other day I’m going to download it and make it my anthem, cuz we just got a mini-van and dude, it is soooooooo over. I’m destined to be a hockey mom…ugh. Downright scary.

  4. Hey Kate…Let’s plan to go on the same Saturday. That way Momma is left to her knitting and music and we can scream profanities and provoke the parents of the opposing team???!!! I’ll bring the giant foam fingers!

    You in?

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