You know that I’m no good

šŸ˜‰ – I told you I was trouble

The hands. They are weak.

So I pinned out 14 squares and stopped there because I ran out of pins – 2 left to go. And while I waited for them to dry…I started a sock. I know.

I also hit the garden for what are some of the last goodies to be had. A couple baby cukes – sweet with almost no seeds and some roma tomatoes for lunch. I’ll get maybe a handfull more greem beans but the leaves are all dying and there aren’t anymore flowers.

I also thought I’d share the monster tomato plant that sprouted from our compost – its huge! The first tomatoes that showed up are just starting to turn yellow around the edges but I swear there is a whole new cluster of fruits on that thing everytime I look at it.

Gotta go pay the car insureance and get my car inspected – have a great Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “You know that I’m no good

  1. Those blocks looks so pretty pinned like that! There’s something so clean about squares. I can’t wait to see the final project.

    I love fresh veggies. One of my goals is to own a house and have a small garden patch for fresh veggies to make salads etc with!

  2. mmmmm…fresh veggies. imagine, your mother out gathering tomatoes, cukes, squash, etc.. such an earth mother. too bad i don’t like the planting, watering, and all the other stuff that goes along with gardens. well…i certainly enjoy eating the goodies. and oooooh that quilt sure is purty. so much like your gramma goerlach, i knew your middle name suited you. clever, clever girl love you immeasurably (is that spelled right?)

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