I am the Lotus

😉 – Just last week I was merely heck

In my quiet moments this week I have sat down for the final push on my biggest project. My afghan for the afghan class I’m teaching.

There you see me with 2 lotus squares left, catching up on the last season of Heroes ( oh Hulu, how I love thee) Tomorrow and Sunday will find me making lasagna, buying soccer sneaks and shin guards for the girls before soccer officially starts, and blocking the rest of the finished squares for the afghan. I hope to be able to piece it together in the early part of next week. All other projects are on hold till this one is done.

and I mean it – stupid, easily distracted, yarn-whore hands.

I’m going to go finish nursing the headache I’ve had all day so I’ll be good and lively tomorrow.


*Oh – the black bear thing. Yeah. Haven’t seen – literally – hide nor hair of the beasties since the Spring of 06 when one was living along the ridge up above our little street. On the first morning of school a black bear – and I suspect it is the same one – trundled its way down our neighbor’s driveway (scaring the shit out of her, she moved in after the spring of 06) and right across the end of our yard, right near where the girls stand to wait for the bus. So I guess its OK for your neighbors to knock on your door at 7:15, as long as they’re warning you about bears. The best part though – giggle – her husband is from Quebec and speaks very little English. He just stood by their car pointing and mumbling what I though was “le bruin” I’m pretty sure bruin is Dutch but the whole thing was just comical. Hey, what is French for bear?*


5 thoughts on “I am the Lotus

  1. Hey, I took French! I can tell you! That would be “l’ours”. Pronounced like the word “lure” (like for fishing). The “s” is silent. *On a cute side-note, the word for teddy bear is “le nounours” pronounced noo-noor. The le part is just the French way of discerning whether a word is masculine or feminine. And it has nothing to do with whether the teddy bear itself is a boy or girl. The word teddy bear is always a masculine word. Leave it to the Europeans to do stuff like that…it exists in Spanish and Italian, also (and probably many other languages I am not educated about). Also, “le bruin” isn’t a french word that I’m aware of. “le bruine” means (and you’re going to love this) drizzle/Scottish mist, according to my French/English dictionary. ^_^ But the “i” is pronounced like “e” is in English, giving it a totally different sound than what you’re saying your neighbor’s husband was muttering.

    [End Kate’s nerdy rant.]

    P.S. I got my sister reading Twilight!

  2. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that you’re the lucky winner of my giveaway! I didn’t see your email address here, so if you want to email me (myself at cateanevski dot com), I’ll send your gift certificate right away. Thanks so much for entering!

    Thanks also for your comment about my elf houses. I love hearing that kids are drawn to my work, since I spend most of my time being a big kid myself. I’m glad that your girls enjoyed their coloring books.

  3. just fyi– you actually do pronounce the final ‘s’ in ‘ours’ and ‘nounours.’ but if there was one in my driveway i probably wouldn’t be quibbling about it– i’d be petrified!!

    and the Big/Little Dipper constellations are called ‘La Grande Ourse’ and “La petite Ourse’– voilà! have a great school year::

  4. Hi, just found your blog from Susan B. anderson’s blog and followed the link. I like that crocheted square. Will you be sharing/selling the pattern?

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