I had a job in the great north woods

😉 – Sure was gonna be rough

I’m still trucking along on the knitting and crochet front but I’m shifting gears a bit. Its that time of year again, school begins for my girls in one week, so… its time to make school bags again.

I have all the materials ready, ironed, cut, reinforced and ready to sew and I’m documenting the whole thing for my next post over on Craft Tutorials early next week. I won’t get to the actual sewing until later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I’ll be at Webs teaching this square.

Yeah, see that wonkyness in the corner,(of course you can I drew a big pink square around it!), that’s because I missed 2 cable stitches and had to frog back 20 rows of 12 stitches and I just don’t have time to block it out severely enough, resoak and reblock back down to 12 inches before the class. ugh.

I finished the blue tree for the other square and its blocking so I’ll put that all together this weekend hopefully, I’m chugging away on circles for my Gail project and contemplating yarns for my latest Twilight knit, you can check it all out on the Rav or wait for me to post more details later in September. Enjoy the beautiful weather today – if you’re in New England!


4 thoughts on “I had a job in the great north woods

  1. Well done with the ripping out and fixing. You make great points about piercings. My Purl was subjected to the gun and her holes were completely wonky and stupid, so we took them out and tried again later. Then she got infected. She recently had her upper ear area pierced with a gun and this got infected too! I never thought to take her anywhere but the hair salon!

    Gorgeous blurple earrings.

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