Comfort and consultation

😉 -she removes him like a ring

So as with all the women in my family – and by that I mean me and my oldest daughter – Saebra survived her rite of passage from babyhood into childhood; she got her ears pierced on her sixth birthday.

As I did with her big sister, Aurelia, I took her to my local tattoo joint to inflict the damage.

WHAT!?!?!? You took a JUST 6 year-old to a tattoo place?!?! Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Whadya do that for?

Well, 2 reasons.

One, piercing is one of their specialties. What would you rather have, someone who is trained and specializes in the placement of holes in human flesh – so that those holes heal well and are placed attractively, OR some teenager who gets paid minimun wage and will line up a gun on your child’s ear and “shoot” them with what may or may not be properly aligned adornment?

Two, studs are hard to sleep on when you’ve had your ears pierced for the last 27 years, imagine how much harder it is when the holes in your ears are new and hurt and now the thing that’s hurting in also stabbing you in the head just behind your ear. The “tattoo people” give you great little hoops – no stabby.

So she’s pierced, with blurple hoops (blurple: iridescent blue and purple) with little steel balls and she loves them. Her piercer, Becky, was a doll and thought Saeb was a model patient – the kid smiled through the whole thing, never jerked, cried out or even teared up – she was rewarded with a juice box ( by the girls at the shop, they loved her). Awesome!

Have an opinion? How would you do it? I like a good discussion.

Me, I think she’s friggin adorable.

Alright, I’m off to try and finish this

I have to teach this square on Thurday night, and I need a finshed product to show them.



10 thoughts on “Comfort and consultation

  1. She does look adorable – and very pleased with herself 🙂

    I’ve told my daughter she can have her ears pierced when she’s a teenager – but then I was 30-something before I had mine done. I absolutely agree on getting it done in a tattoo parlour – I had mine done in a pharmacy, and the studs were too tight & caused all sorts of problems that the girl should have known to avoid. And the little hoops are beautiful 🙂

  2. My sister took me to the mall behind my mothers back (she’s 14 years old than me) when I turned nine to have mine done. That was kind of fun. But I had lots of problems with mine for quite a while. Might be why I’m not that into wearing earrings. But your little munchkin looks very cute and I think the hoops are a much better idea for little ears.

  3. I think taking her to a tattoo place was brilliant. I still remember having mine done with the stupid gun. And the awful sound it makes too! Plus studs…yeah…to this day, I hate them!

  4. Having my ears pierced was the beginning of many problems for me. To this day I have gigantic knots in my ears from the healing of flesh. The gun doesn’t remove the section of skin that the earring will go through, it only opens a slit. So your ears are always trying to heal themselves and close up because of the clean split in the skin. Tattoo parlors do it right! I can’t wait until our kids can go and have their tongues done together…MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Having worked as one of those “teenagers who gets paid minimun wage” at my local Icings, I’d have to agree with you about your choice. I had my first holes done when I was 14, at Claire’s, and my second holes while I was working at Icings, but I knew the girl who was doing it. Even though the people have done it a bunch, the training is mediocre at best.
    As for not removing part of the ear, that only really matters if there is any cartilage where you’re piercing.
    Your daughter looks great and the hoops are a perfect idea!

  6. My dad pierced my ears when I was around that age. (He was a silversmith). I definitely remember flinching. And they closed up. I got them pierced again… They’re closed again. I like the idea of hoops. They probably would be easier on new piercings.

    –Lauria (from Ravelry)
    P.S. I just got a blog and added you to my feed reader!

  7. I got mine done when I was 19. It was a piercing (potluck)party with girls I worked with and I had no intention of being one of the ones to get mine done. BUT I had a drink … and what can I say. An ice cube was used behind the ear to freeze it and needle and thick tread to pierce the ear. The thread is kept in and moved back & forth until the hole is healed. Easier to keep clean & no post to sleep on. After at least one month, post or hoops are put in. I used posts. Fortunately the friend who did it had a “good eye” and not only are the holes centered but they go straight front to back. I never got an infection.

    Tattoo parlor is a great choice tho!

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